16 Quotes to Help You Get Through Your Self-Employment Struggle

Your Self-Employment Struggle Struggle is an inescapable element of working for yourself. When you’re attempting to achieve your goals, nothing comes easy. Difficulties and adversity will be continuous companions for you.
However, there have been others before you.
There have been others who have gone through what you are going through. And there are others who are currently dealing with it. You are by no means alone in your struggle.

In those circumstances, you must look to others who have already gone through the hardship. Those are the folks who will remind you why your current fight is worthwhile.
So, let’s explore what some of history’s most successful people have to say about overcoming adversity.

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1. “Only constant effort and struggle can bring strength and growth.” Napoleon Hill’s remark

Your Self-Employment Struggle

Struggle is a necessary precursor to growth. We will not be able to improve beyond our current level of performance unless we put in extended periods of hard labour, sweat, and struggle.
Struggle is a sort of training in some ways.
It forces us to be ready for the next step by preparing us and forcing us to do it.
Struggle only intensifies over time. The level of difficulty we experience grows as we tackle increasingly difficult problems. Our current difficulty is helping us prepare for the next step.
The instant we stop struggling, we have stopped taking on big enough tasks.

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2. “Take a look at my achievements.” It wasn’t something I accomplished overnight. It’s the result of many years of hard work, and my circumstances have improved year after year.” Mo Farah is a sprinter who competes in the Olympics.

Struggle, and the resulting improvement, is the outcome of a long-term process. Nothing is ever accomplished quickly. Nothing can be accomplished without years of dedication.
Every day, you improve a little bit more.
Every year, you get closer to your objectives.
However, not all improvements are as simply measured as when it comes to running. Entrepreneurs may spend years working at a goal with little to no visible progress.
However, be certain that you are progressing. As long as you keep pushing, you’ll be fine.

3. You’re flawed and wired for struggle, yet you’re still deserving of love and belonging — Brene Brown

Your Self-Employment Struggle

Brene Brown goes even further, claiming that struggle is a normal state that all humans experience. Despite the fact that the types of struggle differ, we are all confronted with them.
Struggle is an unavoidable part of life.

Struggle is an unavoidable part of life.

The fact that you’re having difficulties does not indicate that something is wrong with you. All of these things are natural components of the process, whether you’re trying to make ends meet, living in constant worry of the future, or having no idea where you fit in the world.

There is no problem with you. You, like everyone else, are deserving of love, belonging, and achievement.

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4. Miracles are conceivable if every battle is understood. Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong, Mao Ze

You must stare your problems squarely in the eyes. You must be conscious of how difficult things will be and keep this in mind at all times. And you’ll have to understand that you’ll have to struggle.
Everything will be feasible once you’ve done it.
Because you won’t be able to moan about how difficult things are any longer. Because you’re going to concentrate on producing the greatest work possible. Because you’ll turn into an unstoppable force of progress.
Miracles are nothing more than people with the resolve and strength to keep pushing forward until they were able to convert something seemed impossible into a reality.

5. Don’t take something for granted that you didn’t work hard for. Marian Wright Edelman is a writer and philanthropist.

Your Self-Employment Struggle

You can’t expect to receive specific results by simply sitting back and relaxing. Passing through the battle is the only way to earn the right to be successful at what you do.
In entrepreneurship, entitlement has no place.
Simply because you’ve done something before doesn’t indicate you’ll do it again. Just because you’ve established a name for yourself in your profession doesn’t guarantee that everything you do from now on will be successful.
Every trip has its own set of challenges.
Every worthwhile effort necessitates the use of one’s own sweat.

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6. My narrative is a struggle for freedom song. It’s about discovering one’s purpose, overcoming fear, and standing up for causes larger than oneself. Coretta Scott King was the first African-American woman to be elected to the U.S

Purpose is intrinsically related to struggle. We strive because we want to achieve something worthwhile. Because we’re on a mission to make something bigger than ourselves a reality.
These kinds of projects are enormous. They’re so massive, in fact, that we can’t fathom them ever becoming a reality.
As a result, fear is a continuous companion for us.
It’s apprehension about the unknown. Fear of not knowing whether we will ever be successful at what we do. We have a fear that we will stay in this situation.

7. Life is basically a ruse, and its conditions are those of failure; the redeeming qualities are the deeper satisfactions that come from effort, not enjoyment and pleasure. F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby”

Your Self-Employment Struggle

In life, there is no such thing as a definitive victory.
Anything that claims to be so is a sham. Whatever you do, there is always something more to strive for. There will always be more challenges to overcome, no matter how many you overcome.

Defeat is a common occurrence.

Failure is unavoidable.

However, fulfilment does not come from living in a joyful paradise that is precisely as you imagined it. Face the problem head on and achieve small victories over time to find fulfilment.

8. The possibility of failure in the struggle should not stop us from supporting a cause we believe is noble. ― President Abraham Lincoln

You’re almost certainly going to fail.
You will never be able to do what you have set out to do.
And that’s fine. The same reality exists for everyone who is striving towards a common goal. We’ll never know for sure if we’ll make it or not.
It’s a tough pill to chew knowing that you’ll struggle and that your efforts may be in vain. But failing to attempt is perhaps more awful. You will live with regret for the rest of your life. Forever, you will be asking yourself, what would’ve happened if only you tried, if only you kept going, if only you worked harder.
Forever, you will be living in a world of regret and disappointment.

9. Don’t get caught up in the conflict. To put it another way, life is full of ups and downs. So don’t worry if you’re having trouble; everyone else has or will at some point. Sean Covey is a motivational speaker and author.

Your Self-Employment Struggle

They occur in cycles of struggling and not striving.
You’ve been working hard to reach a goal for a time. With everything you’ve got, you’re working towards it. However, things are difficult because you are up against so many obstacles and hardships.
After that, you accomplish what you set out to do.
You’re at ease in your own skin.
But before you realise it, a new thought enters your mind. Something more eminent. Something even more difficult to obtain and more meaningful to you. As humans, we are not designed to be entirely content. We’re always looking for more. We are continually striving towards greater heights.
That’s exactly how we are.

As a result, if we are struggling now, there will come a time when we will not be struggling. And even if we are content right now, there will always be a period when we will have to battle.

10. What we all need to do is discover the wellspring that will keep us going, that will give us the strength and fortitude to keep fighting for a long time. Winona LaDuke (Winona LaDuke)

We need to find something to keep us going because we know we’ll be struggling for a long time. Something that will provide us with energy, inspiration, and motivation for many years to come.
We must be aware of our own requirements.
And we must figure out how to meet these requirements despite the problems we face.
This ‘wellspring’ could be sports for one person. Supporting the impoverished may be a priority for someone else.

It makes no difference what your source is. However, you must determine what elements you must incorporate into your life in order to continue moving forward.

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11. To have strived, to have put out the effort, to have remained faithful to certain values, is worth the fight in and of itself. — William Osler

Your Self-Employment Struggle

The most important thing you can do is give it your all, especially through your most difficult times of difficulty. Because it is from this that you will draw a sense of fulfilment and self-esteem.
Knowing that you done your best.
Even if you don’t accomplish everything you set out to do in life, at the very least you have done your best. And it is by this standard that you will assess your self-worth in the end.
It’s fine to make mistakes.
Whatever was in your power, as long as you did it.

12. ventured to struggle the other day. I dare to win today. Bernadette Devlin (Bernadette Devlin)

Struggle is a means of preparing for something. We must first gain the essential abilities, the correct mindset, and the mental strength to keep pushing forward before we can transform something into reality.
You might be having a hard time right now.

You are, however, establishing the groundwork for your future success during this period of struggle.

During this moment, no effort is wasted. Everything is assisting you in getting to a point where you can take the next step forward. The point at which you can break free from your existing limitations and progress to the next stage of your life.

13. Lucretius: “Life is a long fight in the dark.”

This remark demonstrates that there is always a sense of foreboding and uncertainty along the journey. We never know what kind of battle we’ll face next, or whether we’ll be able to overcome our current difficulties.
And that’s fine.
That is the essence of life.
Life would be boring if it were predictable. Life would not offer us opportunities for growth and learning if it were predictable. It would make us lazy, comfortable beings who spend their days doing nothing.

Thank God, that isn’t the case.

14. I’m not interested in passion and love for their own sake — they’re merely fluff without the battle of life. Mira Nair is a writer who lives in India.

Of course, the statement is fascinating in and of itself. The concept, that desire, isn’t going to get you anywhere. Passion and love can only become significant when we accept the truth of the situation on the ground, as well as the struggle that comes with it.
But what interests me even more is how the author claims that passion and love for the sake of love are just fluff.
This means that passion, love, and struggle are all intertwined in a powerful way. First and foremost, we must acknowledge the necessity of the struggle as well as the realities on the ground.

Then we may keep pushing forward by channelling our enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the project we’re working on. Keeping the problems and challenges in mind at all times.

15. I’m pleased I had to work hard. It has shaped me into the artist I am today. Jessie J. is a singer and songwriter from the United States.

We are shaped into the people we are as a result of the challenges we face on a daily basis. In some ways, our identity is established by the culmination of all the many hurdles we have conquered throughout our life.
The most challenging experiences in our lives also have the greatest impact on our personal growth.
We must make the most important decisions during the most difficult times. And it is these choices that, in retrospect, reveal the most about who we are and what we can become.

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16. Believe me when I say that the payoff isn’t as wonderful if you don’t go through the struggle. Wilma Rudolph (Wilma Rudolph)

Your Self-Employment Struggle

Finally, it is the effort that makes all of our accomplishments valuable in the end. We wouldn’t be able to appreciate what we’ve accomplished and gained if we hadn’t gone through all of the adversity beforehand.
Consider this: Would you be grateful for a million dollars if you could obtain it right now, without having to work for it? Or would you immediately take it for granted?
The same is true for any other prizes you may receive.
Only after you have put forth the effort to achieve something can you truly appreciate it.

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