What is the point of life in this world 2021

“What is the point of life” is a evergreen topic which is today we are going to discuses in this article.

We have become so busy in our lives that we hardly think about why and how we are living this life. Today we are going to talk about the main purpose of our life in this article.

What is the point of life in this world 2021
What is the point of life in this world 2021?

Any person is an atheist or a believer, his life must have some meaning or goal. Living purpose makes our life the best.

What is Mean by “The Point of Life”

It is necessary to have one motive to live our life, without purpose our life has no meaning.

Goal helps us to set a direction in our life. The craving to achieve the goal is so strong within us that we keep moving towards our success by suppressing small desires.

Continuously moving towards our goal, so What is the point of life?

Now are able to live a successful life one day. Everyone plays their main role in maintaining normal and balanced life. So our positive outlook depends on the way we live life.

How to achieve the goal in our life?

To achieve any goal, first of all

Knowing full about :
The need, desire, situation of that goal is equivalent to achieving about 50% of the goal. So that What do we have to do?
Write on it the main purpose of Your life
But after this write the main purpose of your life whether you write it in one sentence or in complete paragraph.
Write about the problems coming in the goal you want to achieve.
Then write about how you will solve the problems.
Continually move towards your goal by making small goals each day.
How to archive goal in our life?

We are only responsible for the success and failure of our life.

Often we have seen when a person is unsuccessful. Then he reasons the deficiencies of external objects and other people. He explains that I failed because of this, or because of that situation.

But never accept that I did not adopt a proper strategy to achieve the goal.

the point of life in 2021

I did not put my 100% in accomplishing that goal. We are responsible for our own success and failure. Therefore, it is better to always correct your own deficiencies rather than removing any other shortcomings but what is the point of life.

Choose goals according to yourself

Choose goals according to yourself.

Sometimes in life people are not able to choose the work according to their desire, due to which they are unable to live up to the purpose of living their life and fail.
The main purpose of living life is that you choose the work according to your wish, do you meditate on what is the point of life, then after setting your goal, give 100% of your life to fulfill it.

By choosing the task as per your wish, you will have a different fun in removing all the obstacles that are coming in the goal.

So that What is the point of life you will not continue to get frustrated and move forward in life and can successfully fulfill the purpose of living your life.

Your goals should not be determined under any pressure, take more time to choose your goals. Determine the goal according to your ability and desire and work hard to reach it.

Get Motivation in Your Life

It is very important to have motivation in life, the purpose of living life without motivation cannot be fulfilled. So motivation is the first step in learning to do any task in life.

So now there are Two types of Motivation :

  1. Internal Motivation
  2. External Motivation

Internal Motivation

 Success in life through internal motivation. Though any kind of motivation can make you successful in life, but inner motivation forces you to work so that you are constantly moving towards your goal and can fulfill the purpose of success and life in life.

Success can be achieved quickly by working through motivation by yourself.

External Motivation

When we Inspired by looking at some other person’s or object and determines our goal than this type of motivation is called External Motivation.

Experience of self satisfaction for decide What is the point of life.

 We are confused about our purpose in life, whether we are doing the work right or wrong, it can be determined only by self satisfaction. If we are getting satisfaction in a task, then that work can be the purpose of our life.

Experience of self satisfaction for decide What is the point of life.

Do not have self satisfaction in that work, then maybe our goal may be the purpose of life is different, in that context we need to think again about our goal or purpose of our life.

Know about yourself then understand What is the point of life? 

Often we give so much importance to external thoughts in our life that we forget what we ourselves are. If someone says that you are fat, So if someone says you are not beautiful.

Then we start believing that “I am like that”. We fail to improve our inner qualities, we start to believe what is the perception of the people.


This question comes to our mind when the problem comes in our life, So what is the purpose of our life, what do we want to do in life. But when our life is going well, then we do not think about the purpose of our life.

What is the point of life

As soon as problems arise in life, we start cursing ourselves, So this is God at all. What is the purpose of our life, such questions start coming in our mind.

We have to sit back and think about what we have to do and why. But you need to question yourself what is the purpose of my life. People spend the whole day of their life thinking that they did this.

So they did this, I do not have this.

They spend the whole day in argument only. But Is this the purpose of your life? Think about it and make a goal and purpose of your life and follow that. But now If you wish to ask any question please fell free to ask in comment box.


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