What is Lifestyle Blogs ?

About LifeStyle Blogs

We Can Define Lifestyle blogs as Everyday’s Life of Author’s. A Lifestyle Blogs Contains Daily Life Interests and Activities of Author. The Author Shows their Living Styles, family, home, travel, beauty, food, recipes, fashion, makeup, design and decor.
Lifestyle Blogs Share The content inspired by the Author’s Personal Lives. The Sharing Styles Of the content of a Lifestyle Blogger is very Unique and Interesting. Person Who Follows Lifestyle Blogs and Reads Their Content Which is Related to Author’s Life. They Get intersected with Author’s Life, and They Love to Read their Blogs.

Evolution of Lifestyle Blogs

Many Top Lifestyles Blogs Gives information about a single niche ( i.e., Cooking, beauty, fashion, makeup) so That the Audience Reach and Affinity(a natural liking for and understanding of someone or something) of Audience increases. These Lifestyle Blog Niches increase the attention of viewers—the Author Post’s content which is more and more Personal to their Life, and the audience Fell in with the Author’s Life.

A Well Established Health Blogs may choose to add his/her Daily Diet and Exercises will engage the audience who is trying very hard for a weight loss. We know weight loss is a problem of most of the people of the world.with the increase in engagement of the audience the author will get content sponsorships and social influencer marketing opportunities.

How To Make Money With Lifestyle Blogs?

When anyone creates a lifestyle blog and Post Article about their personal life,When They have Large number of Natural Audience they get paid for it.


When A huge Range of Audience Engaged with Lifestyle blogs, They Often Trust on the Blog. So with a large number of natural Audience. The Bloggers Partnerships with Advertiser, affiliate, and sponsored content.


The Advertiser shows ads after or before the blogs Post. When Someone Clicks the advertisement, the Advertiser Pays revenue to the blogger.

Most Users Collaborates with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a part of google. So There is No Chance of any Fraud.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense – Advertiser


When it comes about Lifestyle Blogging, there are various opportunities to talk about the Product that we use. Promote Products and make money by Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the Process of Earning Commission of another Person’s Product or Companies Product by increasing their Sales.

Blogger Can Promote any Product in his/her blog when anyone purchases the same Product he/she get a commission of that Product.

The Most Commonly Used Affiliate Sites Are:- 

  • Amazone
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • Snapdeal

More number of Advertisement, Affiliate, Sponsored Content Shown in Blog Bloggers Earns More. The Earnings is Directly Proportional to the number of Audience coming on the Blog Posts.

To increase the Audience author need’s to post Quality and relevant content. It is too Difficult to Reach the Audience Without Quality Content.
So to earn Money Through Lifestyle Blogs, you need to engage the Audience with your Quality content.

How to Start a Lifestyle Blogs

It is easy to Start A Lifestyle Blog. If you want to explore your life to the World, If You Think your life is exciting, you should Start a Lifestyle Blog. 

Wait Before Starting a Lifestyle Blog Check the Points Below

  • Lifestyle Blogger Clicks amazing pictures where ever he/she goes.
  • Lifestyle Blogger and his/her family is always okay with their Daily Life exposed to the world.
  • It is not necessary to expose all the information about your life. You can limit the information you want to share.

Whenever you start a Lifestyle Blog, it doesn’t talk about your life you have right now. It is about your ideal life.

You Create Your “ideal Life” By Writing Blogs, so your Blog is an inspiration for you as much as your readers.

5 Best Lifestyle Blogs / Top 5 Lifestyle Blogs

1. Say Yes

Liz Stanley is the founder of this fantastic Blog. She started blogging in 2006 with the Hoboken site, which now becomes Say Yes Blog. This Blog gives practical advice on Home, Travel, and Personal Styles. Liz Stanley is a mother of three in San Francisco. She works with a team of Brilliant Women and gives the best quality Content in areas of family, food, style, travel, crafts, and home.

2. Cookin with Mima

Mariam Ezzeddine was the founder of this blog. She started this blog as her passion for food. Cookin’ With Mima blog is a place where you can find hundreds of smooth and delicious family-friendly recipes. She Conveys everyone that cooking is not a difficult task; it is straightforward, and everyone can do it. The Recipies of delicious Dishes is Quite Simple, And anyone can try it.

3. A Cup of Jo

A Cup Of Jo
A Cup of Jo

This Blog is the most popular lifestyle blog listed online. Joanna Goddard is the Founder of this Blog. She Post Blogs on many things, including fashion, food, beauty, travel, motherhood, and other related topics.

Jo Connect her audience with quality content, and they came back every day to read more. Also, her blogs are Interesting. She Struggled in her early days to grow and make millions of visitors monthly. Every Blogger needs Effort, time, patience, and lots of qualities to grow a Blog. Jo posts around four times per week.

4. Barefoot blonde

Amber Fillerup lives in NYC, and she’s the founder of Barefoot Blonde. In this lifestyle blog, she advises about the things she enjoys, including hair, beauty, fashion, fitness, and travel with her husband and kid. However, her primary focus seems to be about baldness.

With 1.3 million followers, it’s easy to understand why her site is so famous. Some artists or celebrities in the market do not possess as many.

5. Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere
Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily Schuman established this fashionable lifestyle, and now she carries her line of clothes. Emily prefers to concentrate on the national lifestyle as this appeals to a lot more people (lots of girls stay at home without being millionaires traveling across the world). Sometimes she talks about motherhood issues as well, which can be quite relatable for her viewers. Estimated monthly visitors: 380,000

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