What is Focus wheel and 3 Best Tips to use it

Focus wheel is the tool by which you can change your work attitude. You can change your life alignment from negative to positive through the focus wheel in any field whether it can be finance, relationship, health, or study. 

In other word; focus wheels work like a motivational circle where you can transfer your energy to the positive side


How to create a focus wheel? 

To create a focus wheel you need to follow these steps: 

  • Draw a large circle on a piece of paper. Make it so large that it will touch the edges of the paper
  • Inside the big circle draw a small circle in it with a proper alignment. 
  • Now, divide the space of these 2 circles in 12 equal parts. {space between big circle and the small circle}. 
  • Leave the blank circle empty. 
  • Then, fill all the 12 circles with your most lovely aspects of your life. Examples fill like : “I love…”. 
  • Fill every 12 gaps with your aspects of life.

But before creating things about the sentence that you are writing. Is this sentence really a loveable aspect of life? Do you really love these things? And some more questions regarding the aspects that you’re going to write. 


Set your intention in focus Wheel

Focus wheel

For instance, if your intention is to urge your supervisor to be supportive of you at work, the quality that you need to appreciate a greater amount of is uphold. 


Consequently, think of a part of your life in which you feel completely upheld, and produce a sentence that describes that situation. 


“I love my astoundingly supportive sister who has total confidence in my ability to shine” is a genuine model. 


If you can’t think of numerous situations from which you gain respect as of now, make sentences about help. 


“I love the way that the earth in my nursery underpins the blossoms so they develop further and sound,” and “I love the wonderful way new life is upheld by the seasons,” would meet your requirements.


Find your big intention for focus wheel: 

At the point when you have finished the twelve sentences, write your most noteworthy intention in the inner circle; outline it in a positive way, for example, “I love the amazing way I confidently act in manners that cause individuals to need to help my undertakings, both socially and professionally.” 

Focus wheel


The way to create sentences that aid attraction is to make them believable. 


If as of now, you don’t really believe that your manager will uphold you, there is no point mentioning him directly in a sentence. 


In any case, if you are as of now upheld by your sister, and can recognize numerous parts of life where backing happens normally, you can believe that you definitely realize how to produce uphold and that life underpins you. 


Placing your beliefs in a sentence at the focal point of your center wheel will increase your confidence and help you act in manners that cause your chief, and others, to help you. Additionally, using a believable sentence will plainly impel your intention into the environment.


How to use a focus wheel? 

  • Three times per day, give your complete consideration to reading out loud every one of the twelve sentences on your focus wheel. 


  • Work around the wheel, saying each sentence in an animated fashion with the goal that you feel forceful emotions as you talk. 


  • Rehash the exercise three times, until you feel positive and enthusiastic, prior to reading the sentence in the middle circle so anyone might hear. 

focus wheel

Using a focus wheel can aid the acquisition of a force of gratitude that modifies your belief framework and behavior. This serves to ultimately pull in a greater amount of what you need in life. 


It can likewise help you set a few affirmations for yourself, as you will be more mindful of what you need to draw in into your life. Take a stab at using your focus wheel to make your own affirmations. 


For instance, if one of your intentions is confidence, the affirmation you use could be ‘I am incredibly confident and I feel good around others’. 


Take the intentions that are on your focus wheel and attempt to make affirmations dependent on what you have written.


My experience on focus wheel

This is what provoked me to do utilize this cycle. 


I was experiencing negative emotion about Hans wanting to share the negative information on the day with me. He’s a voracious peruse and is substantially more fixed on recent developments than I am. So he returns home from work and needs to share the information on the day, and we should simply say I don’t regularly find him talking about unicorns and rainbows. 

Focus Wheel

My musings about these conversations definitely made negative emotions of irritation and impatience, and felt extremely low-vibe to me. So when I plunked down to do my Focus Wheel, this is what I wrote in the little, focus circle: I am loose, loving, and without wobble when Hans discusses the information on the day. That caught my desire. 

Yet, that is not where I began. I was not loose, loving, or sans wobble when he shared the most recent, negative information on the day. 

So I required an idea to get on the wheel. Also, recollect: A thinking is only a sentence in your mind. 


This is a trial-and-blunder measure. I had different considerations that either I didn’t believe or that for different reasons made resistance. What’s more, those assertions did not make it onto the wheel. Yet, here are the considerations that offered relief and caused me to feel much improved. 


  • These conversations about the news truly don’t keep going long. (the prospect that got me on the wheel) 


  • He doesn’t “shut down” what I need to discuss. 


  • I don’t feel loving when I edit him. 


  • At the point when I bring up a topic, Hans consistently puts forth an attempt to listen and lock in. 


  • I can decide to view these conversations as less about negative news and more about a desire for connection. 


  • It feels great to hear between the words. 


  • These conversations are an opportunity to practice my LoA skills. Almost certainly! 


  • I add energy off course to these conversations when I resist them. 


  • I appreciate unconditional alignment. 


  • Everything is great—paying little mind to the topic. 


  • I needn’t bother with Hans to be different for me to be loving. 


  • How I think and feel is not up to circumstances. It’s up to me. 


Furthermore, much the same as that, I had raised my vibration and improved my point of attraction. When I moved around my Focus Wheel, I was vibrationally aligned with what I need, which is to be loose, loving, and sans wobble when Hans discusses the information on the day.


At last on focus wheel


Using a focus wheel can be good or bad too. It has a variety of perceptions but if your thinking is in a positive direction then the focus wheel will really help you in your life. By giving you a way of positive and the right direction. 

So basically focus wheels all depend on your thinking, on your aspects of life or what you want in your life. 

Don’t hesitate to try the focus wheel. Give a try to focus on the wheel with full positive mindset and see the changes. 

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