What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily-Scientific Reasons in 2020

Have you ever wondered why there are these like buttons on Facebook, status in WhatsApp and chicken dinner in PUBG and why different pornography of porn is given on porn websites. Have you ever thought that What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily by watching porn everyday then what will be the effect on your body?

Have you ever wondered why we don’t get bored using Facebook, Instagram, and playing our favorite games and why we sleep when we read books? All these platforms that we use, what effect do these have on our brain?


In today’s article, we are going to say such things about porn addiction And such scientific research, after which you will think 10 times before using all these things release sperm daily.

What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily

As we read that all these additions are very harmful for our body. And porn is also one of them which damages our body a lot. When we watch porn we feel that watching porn does nothing, masturbation do but this is not true, watching porn also affects our brain a lot. In this article we are going to talk about the scientific reasons behind the damaging our porn by watching porns.

1. Porn Addiction

Do you know that porn movies damage our brain in the same way that drugs. You will be surprised to know that when porn addicts and drug addicts were scanned in a brain FMRI scanner both Addict’s brain were almost damaged at same level.

What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily

Be it any addiction of the world, porn addiction, social media addiction, game addiction, all these additions damage our brain’s reward system. In the research of Neuron Scientist Valerie Voon on Porn addicts she found that When the porn addict’s brain was scanned while watching porn, the results also shocked the scientist. More activities in the brain will burn the dopamine receptor of the brain.

prefrontal cortex

These dopamine receptors found in the brain control the prefrontal cortex of the brain and this part of our brain makes us intelligent. The impulses that arise in our brain, that is, control our entire brain. Watching a porn movie reduces the prefrontal cortex D2 receptors which navigate the human brain because of which our brain slowly starts weakening.


Your brain on porn is a book. According to this book, the biggest effect in our mind due to porn movies is that Porn movies greatly reduce the metabolic energy in our brain due to which our brain is not able to work with its full potential. The brain’s ability to do any work is greatly reduced.

With low metabolic energy, no one will be able to concentrate properly or observe anything properly, nor learn properly. A hormone called dopamine is found in our brain. Food, sexual activity, social interaction or when we get an unexpected expectation, then dopamine is released in our brain. As soon as this dopamine is released, we feel very good feeling. Hence dopamine is also called Pleasure hormone.

3. Desire Hormone

All the pleasurable activities in which we are involved, Dopamine motivates us to repeat those activities. Hence dopamine is also called Desire hormone and molecule of more. While watching porn our brain releases 3 times more dopamine due to the coolies effect. Due to which we feel very amazing feeling while watching porn. When we start watching porn on a daily basis, our brain becomes a victim of dopamine tolerance.

When we go to gym, on the first day we are rarely able to that much of exercise but when we do regular exercise for one month, our capacity to exercise increases. Similarly, when you get intoxicated after drinking a one glass and you start drinking regularly, then you will not get intoxicated even after drinking 5 glass after 1 year. So similarly when we constantly start watching porn then the brain has to release a lot of dopamine to release good experiences.

Therefore, different categories are given on the porn website, so that your brain can release more and more dopamine and you can get addicted to the phone quickly. All the things that I have told in this article are Scientifically Proved. Scientists have revealed them after experimenting on lakhs of people.

How to Stop Masturbating (Sperm Releasing)

Masturbation people do to relieve the normally stressed but some people get addicted to it. Things that are meant to remove our stress, after some time they become stress for us and after a while, it gets addicted. At that time, unless we do masturbation, nothing looks good. We try to get out of this, but after 2-4 days, our routine is returned. So today in this Article we will tell you how you can overcome this addiction :-

1. Stop watching porn

The biggest reason for masturbation is that when you see any horny thing, then your body horny feel and because of that horny feeling you masturbate. Horny feeling comes from watching porn. As we said earlier, because of watching porn, dopamine is released in the brain which is dangerous for our brain. So if we want our brain to work properly then we have to stop watching porn.

2. Don’t Stay Alone

So now we have decided that we have to stop watching porn. But How? Now it is not so easy to remove the addiction of porn, we thought that if we do not watch porn from today, then we stop. We have to adopt some methods. One of them don’t keep yourself alone.

Because when we are alone, such thoughts come to our mind due to which we watch porn. Keep yourself busy in the midst of family members, when we are alone, we will not be able to watch porn. If we put ourselves among everyone for even 1 month, then we will lose our habit of watching porn.

3. Divert Your Mind

If you have started living with everyone, then you will not have time to masturbate. But nowadays social media and some such platforms where there is adult content, by looking at those content, there is a desire to watch porn. Those contents make us feel so horny that we start to desire to masturbate.

So if we have to stay away from those content, but no matter how much we try, we can see it. So now its solution is that whenever you see those content or you start feeling horny, then you try to divert your mind. You have to divert your mind for 10 minutes because after 10 minutes your horny feeling will end. These things are not as difficult as you think, you can do.

4. Avoid Phone in Bathroom

Now you have also learned to divert the mind, you do not even tremble alone, now you do not have to take your phone to the bathroom. Because bathrooms are a place where no one sees what you are doing. And after taking the phone to that place you can lose control by yourself. And there are full chances to masturbate by turning on porn. So if you do not carry the phone to the bathroom, you will not see porn and you will not masturbate.

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5. Workout

If you start following these steps, then you will lose a lot of desire to masturbate. Now you have to do a workout by joining the gym and you have to create a target. When you select your target, you will work hard to complete it. If you work hard to complete your target, then you will not do masturbation because you know that If you do masturbation, your body will become weak and Whatever you do will be useless.

6. Meditation

Meditation is a very important part of life. With this help, we can find the solution of all the problems in our life. Meditation increases our concentration and increases our focusing power. With the help of meditation, we can leave any habit and get interest in our work. So if we have to give up our habit of watching porn, then we have to meditate. If we start meditating for 1 hour every day, then this habit will be lost.

7. Yoga

Yoga helps in reducing the stress of our body. Doing yoga gives our body more benefits. Due to masturbating, our stress is reduced. But over-masturbating is dangerous for our body. When we don’t do masturbate we will feel stressed in our body and to overcome that stress, there is a desire to masturbate again and again. Doing yoga makes our body stress free So if we do regular yoga then all the stress in our body will be over. We don’t want to masturbate after the stress is over

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So as mentioned in this article how harmful it is to release daily sperm. You must have understood that how much harm our mind gets by performing regular masturbation. And our working capacity of mind decreases.

In this post, we have told such ways that we get used to the daily masturbation. In this post, we have told such ways that we get used to the daily musterbation and also told how you can overcome those habits. Hope you understand and you will think very closely on this thing and you will not masturbate any further. If you do not understand anything, then you can ask anything by commenting in the comment box.

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