What are some Interesting Startups in India?

With over 1.3 billion people and a fast-growing market, India is an integral country for startups that are engaging enormous funds to catch a share of this marketplace. India is a battleground for businesses planning at explosive expansion and setting themselves in an impending worldwide tech pioneer in the long term.

Involved in several businesses, Indian startups are spearheading companies, mainly through new technologies.

A few of those startups are famous in India, accomplishing a massive area of the people with their services and products. However, as they’re quickly growing in the Indian subcontinent, a few growing businesses have already established their operations overseas and began becoming international brands. Having successful results from the nation’s exceptional demography, many Indian startups have also already attained the acclaimed”Unicorn” standing, which is to say, a valuation of over a billion US dollars.

Top 5 Interesting Startups in India

  • Ola Cabs
  • Zomato
  • OYO

1. OLA Cabs

‘Ola,’ the business requires no introduction. The first Indian taxi aggregator firm, Ola, has made availing taxi services a smooth experience. Produced by ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., also previously Called OlaCabs, Ola was launched in Dec 2010 by 2 IIT Bombay graduates. Ola functions as an efficient cab aggregator and bridges the difference between taxi owners and commuters.

Rather than purchasing and leasing out their automobiles, Ola partners use lots of cab owners and drivers and add a little contemporary technology into the entire setup, where individuals could reserve cars in short notice throughout their program.

Driven with a hyperlocal strategy, Ola is dedicated to the mission of developing mobility to get a billion individuals. Staying in accord with its purpose, Ola has also ventured into automobile and bicycle booking services. In 2017, Ola also began a bicycle sharing service known as’Ola Pedal’ to ease last-mile connectivity.


2. Zomato

Some many men and women yearn for meals and taste many different restaurants that are available. The furtherance from today’s technology has paved the way for the development of several inventions, and it’s no less to mention food delivery program growth is just one among them.

Inside this extravagantly intricate system, it is now hard for every single individual to disburse time on everything. In any case, cooking meals after a hectic day entails a great deal of time, which is precisely what that’s gained enormous rage of these food delivering software, where meals will be provided right in your doorsteps.

For these creative ideas, you will find those unusual men and women with an excellent comprehension of all of the tendencies and are such individuals Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal. They’re the master brains behind the fantastic food delivery program’Zomato.’ Zomato has been the most frequently used ordering software that brought many clients with its innovative strategies.

3. OYO Rooms

OYO chambers have been among India’s very prosperous startups, is the nation’s largest budget hotel chain. From the Oyo version, resorts aren’t possessed, rather Oyo ties with particular resorts and acquires a couple of rooms to be awarded to folks who wish to avail assistance from OYO. It centers on standardizing the resorts in the non-branded hospitality industry. Oyo rooms have been among the most prosperous ventures since it’s managed to fix the dilemma of affordability, cleanliness, and accessibility of funding resorts across all Tier-I and Tier-II cities from the nation.

Well, it’s all of the brainchildren of the guy with the OYO eyesight, Ritesh Agarwal, a thriving entrepreneur, is only 26 years old and has experienced many accolades to his charge. Born to a family in Cuttack, his journey of getting among the most prosperous entrepreneurs was not a walk at the park. In reality, at the age of startups, he needed to face several problems in attempting to create his unique thought work.

It is not necessarily easy to have a startup funded. But today you do not have to visit silicon valley and have lunch together with venture capitalists to earn money.

oyo rooms


Snapdeal set a market for itself from the world of e-commerce in India. In 2010, when Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal desired to begin their own company, they picked an offline couponing company and called it MoneySaver. Fifteen thousand vouchers were offered in 3 weeks, and it was time to choose the company into another level.

It was once they fulfilled investor Vani Kola the partnership took off. The first meeting didn’t go well, but following the second round of conversation, Vani Kola’s venture capital company decided to invest in Snapdeal. Initially began as an offline company, Sneapdeal went online in 2010. It was a bumpy ride in the very first couple of months. Mistakes were made, but lessons have been learnt. It’s this sort of challenging work and diligent effort to supply the very best to the clients that lent Snapdeal its first success.

On the other hand, the most significant decision of the creators came from November 2011. The bargains business was closed down, and an internet market was started instead.

Snapdeal had a massive market share from the bargains industry, and beginning something fresh was quite insecure, and the movement surprised the investors. At the period, eBay has been the only market in India.



In 2014, they worked with their first startup venture, Bundl, a logistics aggregator that joined small and medium organizations to courier providers. The company started fine. But after nearly a year to it, they realized that their attention required to change in the courier service area to the food market.

At the entire year of working with like minded individuals. Nandan and Sriharsha realized there had been a strong demand for an internet hyperlocal logistics business in the restaurant sector. From 14 August, the duo made their fantasy into a reality by rolling out Swiggy, the nation’s first online food ordering stage.

Back in 2014, Swiggy was set within an office area at Koramangala, Bangalore. One area, six delivery operators, and 25 associate restaurants are precisely what Swiggy started with. Nearly four decades to the Area, Swiggy currently has a significant presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata. Not only that, but they’re also partnered with 12,000 restaurants and more than 13,000 delivery operators.

India is a young nation with a great deal of untapped potential if it comes to ordering and food meals. As a client-centric firm, Swiggy, as an internet platform, is entirely devoted to enhancing the process and expertise of food delivery and order. Since its beginning, Swiggy has quickly grown to be a pioneer in the Indian food delivery industry by always decreasing delivery timelines and enhancing customer experience.

By the time of its beginning, this internet platform has raised significant amounts of cash, which more than demonstrates Swiggy’s value as a food ordering platform. From discovery through visual menus, an enormous decrease in the delivery period, and no minimum order, Swiggy has come to be the greatest employed online platform. With more than 12,000 restaurants within their roster, sector best average shipping time of 37 minutes and decreased overhead expenses, Swiggy has put itself at the peak of this discipline.

To be sure they’re here for the future, Swiggy has established many exciting features like Swiggy Pop, Swiggy Access, and Swiggy Schedule. With continuous developments in their technologies, Swiggy has made sure it’s secured the number one place in the nation connected to the online food ordering meals.

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