What is Digital Marketing? Types of Digital Marketings in 2020

Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing. Basically for our product marketing we shows TV Ads, bill board Ad or in website Ad, YouTube Ads and much more. Whenever we use a Digital Source for our Marketing, It is called digital Marketing or Whenever a Digital Channel is Used for Marketing or any Digital product is used for Marketing it is called Digital Marketing.

Marketing done by Internet, Computers and Electric devices known as Digital marketing. Through This any Company can give their product information to the targeted audience. It is also called an Online Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing Actually?

When a company launches its new product, they do marketing of the product to reach a lot of people. Marketing means connecting with your customer at the right place and at the right time. And in today’s era, you have to connect with your customer where they spends all their time and that place is Internet.

Digital Marketing

People of almost all ages use the Internet all over the world and the interesting this is that its number is increasing every day. Whether it is a small company or a big company, now everyone uses Internet for Marketing.

Just like any Company do its Product Marketing on Big posters, Tv Ads, Pamphlets, etc. They can do it Digitally too. This is done by Digital Marketing or Online Marketing.

Why to Use Digital Marketing Instead of Offline Marketing

In offline marketing you have to spend a lot of money in advertising and in digital marketing, you can reach the information of your product to the world in a very less amount of money.

Digital marketing is an excellent way to reach customers through digital technology. When there was no smartphone, people used to use TV newspaper radio more. When there was no smartphone, people used to use TV, news paper, magazine and radio. Then Countless companies used these mediums for the Marketing of their product and people used to buy products from the market by seeing advertisements.

But in this smartphone era, most people spend all their time online, like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, watch videos on YouTube instead of TV, listen to songs on different apps instead of radio. This is the reason that now big companies are marketing their products on the internet and doing the same where the internet users are more.

Through digital marketing, the company can reach its product to as many people as possible. Previously, the time used to buy goods by going to the market of people was wasted, now people can buy good goods on the internet in less time than that.

Digital marketing is benefiting not only the customers but also the merchants very much because through this they are able to reach their product to a lot of people in a very short time. It’s Demand is currently showing high because it has higher profits at lower costs.

Types of Digital Marketing? How to Do it ?

1. Blogging

This is the best and best way to do online digital marketing. In this, you have to create a blog with your company name, in which you can tell the services given by your company. When your company launches a new product, then you can update their details by writing in different articles.

In this, you can earn a very good profit by presenting your company’s services and their products in a good way and explaining it well.

2. Content Marketing

In content marketing, you can give information about the products and services made by your company in the form of content. You have to write and make the sentence correct and attractive, In which you will have to tell everything about your company’s services, their deals, and offers of your Company.

If your content will be good and the reader likes your content, then it will increase the popularity of your company and increase the chances of buying your product, which will make your company more profitable.

3. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

If you want to get a lot of traffic to your blog through search engines, then you must have knowledge of search engine optimization. If the user needs any information, then they search Google and Through SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) Google gives relevant information to the users.

If your website comes up in the search rank due to Google search result then more people will know about your company. So if you want your website to be ranked on Google, then you have to take help of some SEO expert or you will have to learn SEO by yourself and you have to build your website according to Google’s given guidelines.

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4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important part of digital marketing. On social media, traders can not only promote their product but they can also know what the users are talking about their plan. Social media marketing is very beneficial for your business. In social media marketing, you can give your business Ad on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.

5. Google Adword

Whenever you read a website or blog, you must have seen a lot of advertisements. Most advertisements are shown by Google. Any merchant can market his product through Google AdWords. It is a Paid Service. For which you have to pay money to Google. Google shows these ads on good websites and blogs. With which you can reach your target audience at your business and product.

With Google Edward you can run any type of advertisement like Text Ads, Image Ads, GIF Ads, Match Content Ads, Video Ads, Pop Up Ads, Sponsored Search, Web Banner Ads.

6. Apps Marketing

Many Companies on the Internet Make an app of their Company. After that those apps were reached to the people and then they promote their product in those apps. These are a very good to digital marketing because nowadays a large number of people use apps in their mobiles.

That is why any person can advertise their business in a variety of apps to reach many people. By clicking on those ads, the user can easily access your product’s website.

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7. YouTube Channel Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine today. Which keeps a lot of traffic on YouTube. Here you can promote your product by video. You must have seen that whenever you watch a video on YouTube, you start seeing advertisements in the middle of the video. These are actually the marketing of a company’s product that people see and attract. There are a large number of viewers on YouTube, which makes it easy to earn.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows companies to send product information to customers via email. Along with this, entire products and offers are also available in it. With the information of the product, there is a link in the email so that customers can easily buy it.

With email marketing, you can reach millions of customers in just one click. These are very good and easy way for digital marketing.


Businesses can reach as many people as possible through digital marketing. So friends, hope you have got all the information about what digital marketing is and how to do it.

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