On TikTok, the ‘369 manifestation method’ has gone popular, with many claiming it has brought them money, a new job, and a raise in pay.

the ‘369 manifestation method’ If you’ve recently used TikTok (and who hasn’t?), you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably heard about manifestation, namely the 369 manifestation method (it’s a goldmine).

In fact, the hashtag #369method has received over 112.5 million views on the video-sharing app, with users sharing their experiences with the method. But what exactly is it?

“369 manifestation,” says Antonia Harman, a famous healer and founder of divineempowerment.co.uk, “is a popular approach to materialise wants and make goals.”

“Three is an important numerology number because it ties us to the holy trinity, the universal source of energy.” Internal strength, finance, and the material world are all represented by the number six. Love, faith enlightenment, and overcoming self-doubt are the nine virtues. Using these one-of-a-kind numbers can help you manifest more quickly.”

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the '369 manifestation method'

According to Antonia, the 369 approach is currently popular due to “how well it works.”

“You order what you want from the cosmos by setting clear intentions and inviting in your heart’s desires,” she explains.

The 369 method is comparable to The Secret, a manifesting method based on the Law of Attraction that Gen X and older millennials grew infatuated with in the 2010s.

“The 369 technique and The Secret have a lot of similarities,” says Bex Milford (@cosmic cures), astrologer, female empowerment coach, crystal healer, and creator of the Moon Child Sorority.

“They’re pretty similar in that they’re both based on the idea that where we spend our thoughts and attention reflects in our daily lives. By focusing our attention on these things and trusting that we already have them, we can create the reality we wish, attract our desires, and live the life we desire. The 369 method “supercharges” and “structures” the manifestation process by utilising the power of numerology (the concept that certain numbers have specific powers).

Because of the ‘uncertainty’ of the world we live in, Bex believes that manifestation has become popular among millennials and Gen Z, particularly social media users.

“In a world that is currently full of chaos, it offers an opportunity to reclaim control over our life and have some authority over our destiny,” she adds.

Unsah Malik, a social media and influence specialist, agrees, claiming that because we were confined to our houses during the pandemic, we turned to social media for positivity.

“It feels like a safer area to be within because manifestation TikTok is more positive (whether you agree with it or not) in that it promotes feeling better about yourself in order to attract a better existence,” she continues.

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What is the definition of manifestation?

the '369 manifestation method'

“Manifestation,” Bex continues, “is the process of transforming our entire reality simply by the power of where we put our ideas.” “Imagine the term ‘where focus goes, energy flows’ — this is the fundamental principle of manifestation.”

If you want to go deeper, manifestation is based on the premise that our entire universe is made up of energy, and that by focusing our thoughts – which Bex describes as “waves of energy” – on a specific goal, we can change the universe’s frequency to give us what we want.

“When we focus our attention on what we desire and then charge it with an intention, it results in a clear vision of what we want the end result to be.”

Gratitude and faith are equally important aspects of manifestation. “You nurture a great thankfulness and joy for this inevitability, even though you haven’t gotten it yet,” Bex adds, after asking the cosmos for what you want.

“It’s the equivalent of saying ‘thank you’ to a waiter after giving them your order in a restaurant.” You haven’t received the food yet, but you are confident that it will arrive soon. You don’t sit around worrying or getting anxious since you know it won’t happen. You also don’t place an order only to discover that what you want isn’t available. You relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that the process is in good hands. This is also true in terms of manifestation.”

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How do you put the 369 manifestation method into practise?

the '369 manifestation method'

So, now that we’ve learned the fundamentals, how does the 369 technique fit into the picture? While there are two solutions available, the first step is to establish clear objectives.

“Can you tell me what you want to manifest?” Is it a romantic connection, a raise in wages, or anything tangible? Write down your desire three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night once you have a clear vision of it. “This ritual should last 45 days,” Antonia advises.

“Another way to use the 369 method is to write three times the name of what you want, six times the intention, and nine times the action. The more specific your selections are, the better. “I am loved, I am deserving, I am a magnet for riches,” you can close with positive affirmations.”

With the 369 approach, what can you expect to manifest?

“Start small and expand from there,” Antonia says when learning a new technique. “Start with something close by and relatively straightforward to obtain; you may be able to manifest your dream job or relationship over time.” Manifesting is like a muscle; it takes time to develop.”

Bex goes on to say that the more particular your manifestation is, the better.

“You can create anything you want as long as you believe it is feasible,” she says. “For example, writing down that you want to materialise an Oscar even though you haven’t attended any acting classes would only work if you sincerely believe it is possible at the time you write it down. If you write your manifestations while thinking to yourself, “There’s no way this will happen!” it’s the same of ordering a meal and then chasing down the waiter to cancel it.”

It’s also important to write only positive manifestations, so instead of “I don’t want to be single,” write “I don’t want to be single.”

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What should newcomers to manifestation know?

the '369 manifestation method'

If you’re new at manifesting, Antonia recommends thinking of the scenario as if it’s already yours, using language like ‘I have’ rather than ‘I want.’

“‘I want’ keeps your dreams in the future indefinitely.” Reminiscing about future memories is one of my favourite manifesting techniques. “Daydream it into reality,” Antonia says, adding, “as many details as possible.”

“Avoid micromanaging the situation; the way it arrives is less important than the fact that it arrives.” The ‘how’ is frequently thrown to you in an unexpected way. It is also critical that you let go of it. After you’ve completed all of the steps, set it aside and wait for it to happen. Worrying about it will prevent you from moving forward. Always manifest when you are cool, calm, and collected, rather than when you are anxious. You may manifest first thing in the morning, after meditation, or most of all, while you’re in a ‘In Love’ state of mind. The happier you are, the better your chances of success, therefore think of someone or something that makes you happy.”

It’s truly just a matter of having some fun when it comes to manifesting. It also pushes you to think positively, which will give you a more positive attitude on life in general, which is something everyone wants.

What Is The 369 Method Of Manifestation?

the '369 manifestation method'

You’ve probably never heard of 369 manifestations before, so you’re probably curious about what it is and where it came from.

In reality, it started on TikTok, a social media platform that allows users to share short videos.

TikTok is a popular platform for young people to post dances, parodies, and comic routines. It’s also a place to find and share life advice.

In this situation, Clark Kegley, a proponent of the Law of Attraction, presented a new approach to increase your manifestation potential by learning sacred numbers.

Kegley relied on Nikola Tesla’s teachings about the power of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 — all of which you come across and may use in everyday life.

Kegley then goes into how to use these numbers in exercises and how anyone can apply the 369 approach, even if they have no prior knowledge of the Law of Attraction.

But what makes the numbers 3, 6, and 9 so special?

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The Tesla Code 369 has a long and illustrious history.

As previously stated, this method is based on Nicola Tesla’s 369 code, which is sometimes referred to as his “secret code” and is definitely linked to our ability to control reality.

Because of the rule they play in our numbers system, Tesla dubbed these heavenly numbers unbreakable. Keep in mind that a circle has 360 degrees and that 3 + 6 equals 9.

Meanwhile, no matter how many times you divide this circle, you always end up with the numbers 3, 6, or 9. While Tesla was a math genius who wrote more on the subject, these are the main facts you should be aware of, and they tell you everything you need to know about the importance of these numbers in our universe.

How Does The 369 Method Work?

The 369 approaches’ recent popularity has resulted in a slew of response videos and blog posts from Law of Attraction practitioners who discuss how this new method is affecting them and making them more powerful.

One TikTok user, for example, uploaded a video in which she explained how she used the 369 approach to focus on manifesting a more intimate bond with a close friend.

She concentrated all of her efforts on thinking about that friend and envisioning a text message from the person who was about to arrive. She explained that she received a text the next day, so she moved on to another hypothetical situation.

She did the same thing in the second case, focused solely on a man she was romantically attracted to.

This is only one example of people who have used the 369 approach to manifest more powerfully and precisely than they have in the past.

But, exactly, what is going on here? How do you go from knowing about these mystical numbers to really making your wishes come true? It’s time to walk you through the strategy in four basic steps so you can apply it to your own life.

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What Is The 369 Manifestation Method And How Do I Use It?

The 369 Law of Attraction approach uses all of the same skills as other manifestation exercises, but it challenges you to recognise and use them in new ways.

The 369 approach is more streamlined and concentrated than the typical Law of Attraction procedure, which focuses on a wider range of activities. Here’s everything you need to get started.

3 Positive Affirmations

Select a set of three distinct affirmations that reflect how you desire to change your life in the first place.

“I will discover my dream spouse this year,” or “I am becoming happy day by day,” are examples of manifestation affirmations that are short and vivid.

Express yourself 6 times

6 times a day, repeat these three affirmations to yourself.

This embeds them in your subconscious mind and transmits the core of your wishes to the universe, allowing it to meet your requirements.

9 Seconds of Concentration

Spend 9 seconds after saying your affirmations attempting to envision as much information as possible.

What will your new reality entail for you? What will your emotions be like?

Rep for a total of 21 days

Spend a total of 21 days repeating the three affirmations six times every day, each time with a nine-second visualisation.

Shortly after completion, you should receive your desired item.

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More Ways To Manifest Using The Law Of Attraction can be found here.

the '369 manifestation method'

At the present, the 369 method is a very popular Law of Attraction strategy, although manifestation methods are quite individualised.

Furthermore, most of us operate best when we use many frameworks, and many of the most effective use numbers as well.

Here are three more strategies you can utilise to manifest your aspirations in a nutshell:

The 55-5 approach is imagining what you want to materialise, then describing it in an affirmation that you write 55 times per day for five days.

It takes some time when you’re doing it, but it’s a powerful way of focusing your energy and making your objectives crystal obvious to others.

You may even do it again with new objectives or revised versions of previous goals – just make sure you pick a time when you’ll have enough time to complete the writing exercise!

The synchronicity approach focuses on finding numbers that you see regularly and utilising numerology to figure out what they symbolise in terms of the actions you need to make in order to attain your objectives.

A variation of this method includes specific symbols and animals, all of which provide important information about what you need to do to be happy.

These numbers and symbols can be found in everyday life and in dreams, and they are frequently used to represent old belief systems.

The scripting method: Proponents of this approach claim that writing out descriptions of your preferred future is even more effective than simply imagining it.

This strategy entails “writing as if” — in other words, writing a diary entry as if you’ve already landed that dream job, perfect companion, or wonderful creative project.

Describe everything of your thoughts and feelings, as well as how things appear and how you see yourself now.

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