Soul Ties: What They Are, What They Mean, And How To Break Them

Soul Ties: What They Are-As a “connection” that may taint every aspect of your life, a soul tie can be worse than a bad relationship. Even if you despise the person with whom you share a soul tie, your obsession with them will affect every decision you make. You know it’s bad for you, but you can’t stop yourself from doing it. When you’re in a soul bind, figuring out how to break it becomes a need.

Though friends and relatives will notice the harm caused by your soul tie, those who are experiencing it will be blissfully unconscious of the hazardous fixation they are creating.

What does it mean when a soul tie is described as a “destructive obsession”? What exactly is a soul tie, and how can you tell whether you have one with someone? Let’s sort it out with the aid of psychotherapist Sampreeti Das (Master of Clinical Psychology and Ph.D. Researcher), who specialises in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Holistic and Transformational Psychotherapy, and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

What Is A Soul Tie? (Soul Ties: What They Are)

Soul Ties: What They Are

A soul tie is a deep emotional and spiritual bond developed with someone, usually after engaging in physical intimacy with them. It is considered to be an intertwining of souls. However, calling it a profound soul connection is an understatement because a soul tie consumes all aspect of your life.

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You have an obsessive physical and spiritual connection with someone when you have a soul tie. When they’re not present, you may get a sense of being incomplete, as if you’re linked to them by mysterious forces.

You must always be around this person in order to feel whole again, as your identity has vanished. When you’re physically apart from your partner, you’re always missing them. You may even

You are nothing without this individual. A piece of you is constantly with them, and a piece of them is always attached to you, as if you can sense it. Understanding how to break soul links becomes critical since it can only be characterised as an addiction that steadily takes control of every aspect of your life.

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“Unless thoroughly analysed, it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of an unhealthy preoccupation with a relationship. On why such obsessive relationships form in the first place, some personality variables, past relationship trauma, childhood exposure to toxic relationships, or even unresolved conflicts with major individuals in your life,” adds Sampreeti.

Now that you know what the soul ties mean, figuring out how to recognise them is equally important, because people in such a dynamic will ignore the indications staring them in the face.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Soul Connection?

Soul Ties: What They Are

Do phrases like “an unexplained connection,” “a type of addiction,” and “an inability to subsist without the other” strike you as vague? Perhaps you’re still certain that the overpowering feeling of “love” you’re experiencing is just that.

“When partners are ‘addicted’ to one other, it would take serious and stern attempts to break off from a relationship,” Sampreeti explains. “However, you might not be certain you’re in a soul knot since the devil you know is better than the one you don’t.”

With the symptoms of soul ties we’ll go through, you should be able to make a more accurate assessment of your relationship. Continue reading to see if the “I miss you so much it aches” messages you give each other are perhaps indicating something more severe than you think.

1.All you can think about is this individual.

Soul Ties: What They Are

No, we’re not talking about those cute texts you send each other in which you both say “I can’t get you off my mind,” only to forget about them as soon as you move to another app on your phone. When you’re hit by an unbreakable soul tie, you’re pretty much powerless to break it.

2.Your soul ties affect every decision you make.

Your so-called “partner” suddenly occupies centre stage in your life’s drama, and nothing else comes close. Every decision you make now is influenced by them and what they think.

3.Any other connections you have are now irrelevant.

If you haven’t picked up on the pattern yet, it’s this: nothing else counts but your soul tie. Because you’ll choose to devote every second of your day to your soul tie bond, your other relationships, including your one with yourself, will unavoidably suffer as a result.

4.You have a sense of being “complete”

You feel like you’ve found the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle in each other’s company, even though you didn’t understand how “incomplete” you were before. When you’re not with your soul mate, you miss them and long to be with them again so you can feel whole again.

As a result, being apart may appear to inflict bodily discomfort. Because you’re now essentially intertwined, you can even feel like a piece of yourself is missing.

5.The prospect of losing them makes you nervous.

Soul Ties: What They Are

It’s difficult to move on after a breakup, and the idea of severing a soul tie might not even cross your mind. You’d go to any length to avoid the chance that this dynamic, which is so important in your life and which you may have mistaken for love, is ever in risk of crumbling.

Aside from these obvious symptoms of soul ties, you should be aware that this harmful dynamic might also occur if you despise the person for wrongdoing you.

Is it possible for soul ties to be one-sided? Another intriguing feature of this connection is that it can exist in a one-dimensional setting. Without you even realising it, a confusing equation like this one can eat away at your self-assurance and originality. Let’s look at how to break free from soul links, lest you end up like the stalkers who are the subject of Netflix documentaries.

What Is The Best Way To Break A Soul Bond?

Even though it feels like the best thing that’s ever happened to you, the negative consequences of a soul bond will show up in other aspects of your life, such as your work, education, and any other relationships you no longer have time for.

When you realise you have a soul tie, attempting to break it is critical, no matter how painful the concept of letting go may be. If we don’t succeed in persuading you, a rant from your best friend (who you haven’t spoken with in years) might be just what you need.

And once you’ve made your decision, here’s how you dissolve your soul ties:

1.Recognize that your relationship is a nightmare, not a fairy tale.

Soul Ties: What They Are

It’s not true love, no. No, s/he isn’t the right person for the job. Love is supposed to be unadulterated, not obnoxious. Individuality is not stifled by love, which allows for room for growth. The meaning of soul bonds is a dynamic that does not allow for personal growth and, if allowed, will set you back years.

As with any addiction, the first step to recovery is to recognise that you’re in a soul tie, a bond that’s essentially toxic and harmful to everyone involved.

2.Don’t leave any uncertainty in your mind.

When you make the decision to end things, you must be absolutely confident in your decision. Get rid of any fantasies about this relationship developing into a lucrative venture, and quit thinking about the “what ifs.”

The toxicity in a soul bond relationship doesn’t magically dissipate into thin air once you both go through a period of introspection, as in the movies you grew up watching. This soul tie will almost certainly never become a healthy equation, and your decision to terminate it must be firm.

3.The third and most crucial stage in learning how to dissolve soul links is to: There was no touch.

A breakup can’t really function until you follow the no-contact rule, just like a relationship can’t work without trust, mutual respect, and personal space (which is why you’re ending things). Being in frequent contact with the person you’re trying to wipe out of your life is akin to fighting lung cancer by smoking two packs a day and bragging about it.

“If such procedures have not been successfully used before, abruptly terminating all communication may not be a long-term behaviour.” “However, if it is exercised, it can provide a break, cutting off from significant energy-draining numbers and allowing for a rehabilitative process,” Sampreeti explains.

Granted, you may not be able to cut yourself off from this individual right away, but it will help you process your emotions. You’ll see why your relationship was so unhealthy. It will provide you with the time you require to properly comprehend how to break soul bonds and what you must perform next.

4.Engage and rediscover yourself to break free from soul bonds.

Soul Ties: What They Are

A single entity devoured your life and took up the majority of your time. You’re bound to let your mind wander and stress on your “unbreakable” soul tie now that you have so much fr

5.Seek professional assistance

Trying to figure out how to break free from soul ties is difficult, especially when you’re on your own.

Therapy can assist you in resolving a variety of issues that may arise as a result of the termination of a relationship.

“Through therapy, you’ll gain fresh views, uncover unsolved difficulties, and learn to recognise and manage underlying triggers.” “The method gives you a lot more subjective insight into your behaviour patterns, which makes it simpler to break them,” Sampreeti explains.

If you’re having trouble breaking free from powerful spiritual attachments on your own, Bonobology has a number of qualified mental health specialists, including Sampreeti, who can assist you.

Any type of breakup is difficult to deal with. Cutting off what appears to be a “unbreakable” soul tie will appear to be an insurmountable task without some outside assistance. Now that you have a better idea of how to get rid of soul ties, we hope you can spend your Sundays thinking – like the rest of us – about where you want to order food from.

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