Benefits of Social Media Marketing & Social Media Marketing for Beginners in 2020

Today we are going to talk about what social media marketing is and how it works. Friends, Many people are confused that social media marketing and social media optimization both are same or Different thing. These two things are completely different from each other.

Social Media Marketing is the step after Social Media Optimization.

Whenever a company or a brand wants to grow on social media.

They follows these steps :

  1. They Create their Company’s Account on all the Social Media Platform.
  2. They starts optimizing all of his profiles on the platforms.
  3. There is a uniformity in them like Logo design, color, etc.
  4. They Rapidly Post Content on Social Media Platform and Create Followers
  5. Now they go to social media marketing.

With social media marketing, They bring social media traffic to their website to increase their website visits and to generate Leads.

Social Media Marketing

Why Do we Need Social Media Marketing ?

1. Reaching Targeted Audience

With social media, you can reach your target audience comfortably. In the latest Updates of social media, it has become very easy to reach your target audience. When we create content on Social Media then our content will automatically share with the people who is interested in our Niche.

2. Increase Engagement and Responce

When we create a quality content on Social media and Provide a value to our followers than followers with engage with us and If we continue to share the continuous quality information, then our followers will share them in their profile. This results in more engaged followers and then they can use the services on our website and They can buy products too.

3. Viral Sharing

When we post quality content continuous on your social media, there are chances of our content going viral. If we provide a quality relevant information to our followers then they share it to their profiles and friends, and our post will goes viral. When our content goes viral on social media we gets more and more engagements and followers on social media.

4. Increase Website Traffic

When our post goes viral on Social media we get more website visitors and we get brand awareness. With the help of social media our website traffic will be increases and our engagement to the website also increases. When a engagement of website post increases it also rank in google search Engine. After ranking in google search engine we get high number of traffic and our profit increases multiple times.

5. Building Conversions

Social media provides a conversation methods with the peoples who likes our content and follows us. If anyone is liking our content and comment in it then probably he/she interested in our content. we can talk to them and create a very good relation with them.

6. Raising Brand Awareness

Our Social media platform is Updated with regular quality content then with the website traffic our brand awareness is also increasing. If rapidly quality of content is provided by a single company then next time people wants information about anything related to our niche they probably search our company name on search engine and they directly find us.

7. Creating a Brand Identity and Positive Brand Association

With the help of By providing quality content, we create a very good image in the mind of the people, which makes them feel that this company provides the best services because they know the best information in their category or niche. It creates a Brand Identity and Positive Brand Association.

8. Improving Communication and Interaction with key Audience

We can interact with other people related to our category on social media. After interacting with them, we can get more knowledge from them so that we can get some improvement in your services.

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How to do Social Media Marketing ?

1. Choosing Right Platform

To do social media marketing, you must first Choose right social media platform. You can do so on many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more. But working together on all these platform is not possible. If you work on all these Platform together, you will not get enough time to make all these platform profiles very amazing.

Right now the algorithm of social media has become so strict that it is not so easy to rank your Post here. If you want to rank your content now, then you have to give the best of the best and if you work together on all platforms, then you cannot give your best on any one platform.

2. Create Content

To grow your company on social media, you have to Upload content related to your company’s service and their product. When you Upload content related to your company or your company’s services, then you can market that content.

You need content to shine on social media.

It is important to give people valuable content to shine on social media, because people will connect with you or come to your website only when you provide a very high quality Content to them. If you have quality content on your social media sites, then people will automatically share them and thereby increase the visitors of your website.

3. Build a Connection

When you post content on your social media, after adding content, Look at the likes and Comments on that Post, Reply to those comments, those who have liked your posts, talk to them through personal messages. Make good connections with them.

Find a Creator who post’s Similar type of Content, then contact him and make a good connection with him, share his post on your social media platform. So that they get views on their post. This makes a good on trust on you. After a short time of making the connection, he will automatically share your content on his social media, which will increase your followers and website visitors.

4. Don’t Go for Increase Follower Numbers

Do not pay attention to increase the followers number on your social media platform. If you have 1 Lack Followers on your social media account and you get only thousand likes on every post than those followers are of no use to you and they are not interested in your company.

If you have Hundred followers in your account and those Hundred followers share a comment like your post, then you will earn a lot of profit from them. Those 100 Followers will help you to make next thousand engaged followers. And when the engaged followers start coming, then your posts will start going viral and you will start getting more engaged followers.

5. Don’t Push People to your business from day 1

If you talk to someone and someone starts explaining about his product as soon as you come, then you will become irritated with him. In the same way, if anyone have come to you at the first time and you will convince him about your business, then he will become irritated with you and try to get away from you. So firstly build Connection with him, Befriend him, Help him. The thing he wants to learn, the thing he is searching about, help him to find.

Post content on your social media that provide value to your followers. Add content that benefits your followers. Provide updated Content to help your follower.


In today’s time, social media is growing very fast on Internet and these are the best way to promote your business. Nowadays all the companies are using social media mostly for marketing their business and product because in today’s time people spend most of their time on social media. So if you want to grow your business through online, then social media marketing will be a best option.

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