4 Primary Reasons Behind The Failure of a sales consultant.

What is Sales Consultant?

Sales Consultants are the Persons Who Plan to develop and Increase in their Companies Sales. Usually, They Are not Company’s Employees. They get Paid According to the sales of the Companies means That Their Salary is Directly Proportional to the number of Product Sold.

They have several years of earnings and sales strategy execution.

To attract Sales Consultant that matches your needs. It’s essential to write a clear and precise Sales Consultant job description.

Sales Consultant Tasks

  • Compute sales costs, complete purchases, and get and process money or charge payment.  
  • Recommend, pick, and help find or acquire merchandise based on client wants and desires. 
  •  Describe the product and clarify usage, functionality, and maintenance of the product to customers.
  •   Consult with clients to ascertain their needs or desires.  

Sales Consultant Salary in India

The average salary for a Sales Consultant in India is ₹304,370. If the sales consultant works hard, then his salary is up to 10 lacs. If you want Full Information on Sales Consultant Salary then Click here

Reasons Behind The Failure of a sales consultant.

4 Primary Reasons Which Results in the Failure of a Sales Consultant.It Doesn’t Matter Which type of sales you are Doing.

  • B2B Sales
  • B2C Sales
  • B2B2C Sales
  • Direct Sales 
  • Multi Level Sales
  • Digital Sales

Reasons Behind The Failures are

1. People Don’t Like To be Sold.

It does not make any man feel good that anyone can come and go by selling anything smartly. Nobody likes this in the world. Keep this in mind that People don’t Like to be sold. People Like to be Helped.


  1. You Don’t get married to a total stranger.
  2. You Don’t give a French Kiss to a total Stranger.

You can never take big Decision with a man you met for the first time.

Could you agree with me?

The man who met for the first time and tried to sell something and The boy who attended the girl for the first time and Tried to integrate physically the first time he meets. Both people look alike Desperate.

Reasons Behind The Failure of a sales consultant.

Those who forcefully sell goods seen as desperate. Those who Forcefully tries to show physical intimacy with a girl, they also seen as desperate.

People want to disappear after seeing such Desperate people. They don’t like them.


So don’t sell good Help them out. Solve the old problem of the customer or Help them to achieve their Goal.

2. When You Don’t Dig Deep Enough

You can not help vigorously. First, you have to know whether the person needs help. If you want to help the customer, first understand what help he needs. Before Prospecting, Presenting, Positioning Firstly finds the need of the customer. Help the customer according to his/her requirement. It is called Consultative selling.

Reasons Behind The Failure of a sales consultant.

Consultative selling

Consultative selling means Firstly, You will discuss with the customer & Will understand what he/she wants.

3. Identify Your KDM (Key Decision Maker)

The Person to whom you sell the goods has the ability to make a decision or not. Many times we are talking to the Wrong Person to sell our Product.

There are five types of people who buy your product.

  • Initiator
  • Influencer
  • Decider
  • Buyer
  • Consumer

In five types of people, whom you are targeting and to whom you supposed to focus.

Suppose your consumer is a tiny child, then do not target the child. Target the Decider, Buyer because they buy your product.

Reasons Behind The Failure of a sales consultant.

Now inside a corporate, the Purchasing Manager in B2B is your Buyer, but neither they are influencers nor are they decider. The decider is Boss. Who tells them to work.
Just like that, Find your KDM ( Key Decision Maker) to whom you are selling your Product. Identify the organizational structure of the company in which you are selling your Product.

Many times the Chairmen’s secretary (PA) of that company is more potent than the vice president of the company. You have to identify the customer that they have Decision Maker angles.


When the sari seller also sells the sari, then they see who is the Decision Maker here. They understand that mother-in-law has also come with Lady. They look for the decision-maker in both of them.

Whoever will be the decision-maker, they will put everything in front of the decision-maker. he knows that who will make the decision, and the merchandise will be sold immediately.

In this way, Finalise your Probable Customer, Probable Purchaser.

4. Unclear About Budget Bracket

There are four types of people

  1. Who can neither spend money nor want to spend money.
  2. Who can spend money and want to spend money.
  3. Those who can spend money but do not want to spend money.
  4. Those who cannot spend money but want to spend money.
Reasons Behind The Failure of a sales consultant.

You have to understand the budget bracket on the Person in front of you.

With the help of the four categories, Identify the budget bracket of the Customer.

Don’t make these four mistakes, and sales will multiply.

  • People Don’t Like To be Sold.
  • When You Don’t Dig Deep Enough.
  • Identify Your KDM (Key Decision Maker).
  • Unclear About Budget Bracket.

Believe that selling is the most straightforward job in the world if you know how to do it. There are too many entrepreneur who grown the Loss Making Company after graduation. Have made thousands of Loss Making Company to a profit-making by Changing their sales model.

Sales Consultant duties and responsibilities

  • Discover the company’s Services and Product offerings, Pricing, and Features.
  • Setup Revenue Division KPIs.
  • Communicate with Customers to understand their Earnings Goals.
  • Identify Present Earnings process bottlenecks and inconsistencies.
  • Work with marketing Staff to Guarantee Cooperation.
  • Monitor and report on KPIs regularly.
  • Stay up to date with All the Market situation and benchmarks.
  • Stay up to date with the Most Recent sales trends and best practices.
  • Attend educational seminars and Conventions.
  • Produce an Inspirational and healthy Setting for sales Agents.
  • Identify opportunities for product and Support up-sell.
  • Identify opportunities for new Customer acquisition.
  • Monitor Contest.
  • Find Potential customers and new target Sections.

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