25 Good Character Traits List Essential For Happiness

List Essential For Happiness-“His conscience was the most powerful aspect of his personality. His feelings for you were tender and warm. His entire personality was straightforward and genuine — he was pure, and then he was himself.”

“Such a temperament was excellently equipped to direct a heroic struggle on the side of a people proud enough to prefer a guide to a leader, a man commissioned to carry out the common will but strong enough to enforce his own, as in his case.”

If you haven’t guessed now, these positive characteristics were written about Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States.

President Abraham Lincoln was a shining example of honesty and integrity.

He gives us numerous examples of positive character attributes.

These positive characteristics remained with him throughout the difficulties and tribulations of guiding a country through one of its darkest moments.

Of all, Lincoln served as president during a time in history when a person’s character was prized.

What makes a person of good character?(List Essential For Happiness)

List Essential For Happiness

Character attributes such as loyalty, honesty, courage, integrity, fortitude, and other vital virtues that encourage good behaviour are all examples of excellent character.

A person of good character decides to do the right thing because it is the morally correct thing to do.

Other good character traits have little to do with morals but are nevertheless important in defining a person’s personality.

Being tenacious or inventive, for example, are wonderful qualities but not moral imperatives.

Character is displayed in a person’s words and deeds when he or she has good character.

It’s not confined to a single value, but the features can be seen in the “good” and “poor” decisions they make and avoid.

What are the benefits of having a good character?

The use of the word “excellent character” peaked in the nineteenth century, according to historian Warren Susman’s book Culture as History.

According to Susman, “character was a keyword in the language of Englishmen and Americans,” and it was so vital to society that it was pushed as a necessary component of one’s identity.

“The concept of self-sacrifice began to succumb to the vision of self-realization,” Susman says.

Personality qualities, influence, and outside views became more essential than developing nobility of heart, thought, and deed.

In reality, today, Abraham Lincoln is unlikely to be elected president.

In this day and age of cyberbullying and political polarisation, it appears that excellent character attributes are becoming obsolete.

Is cultivating personal qualities of decency and virtue an out-of-date, pointless endeavour with little value in today’s society?

It doesn’t take much life experience to realise how important integrity is in terms of one’s self-esteem, relationships, and overall happiness.

Characteristics of a good person…

.Assist others in gaining respect and trust.

.Motivate and inspire others to be better people.

.Increase your self-esteem and confidence.

.Establish a framework for making critical decisions and decisions.

.In both personal and professional undertakings, demonstrate leadership qualities.

Furthermore, individual virtue is the bedrock of a healthy, well-functioning society.

Developing these vital character traits is one of the most rewarding and emotionally intelligent tasks you’ll ever do, despite the fact that it’s not a popular pursuit.

Character is defined as having the courage to define your beliefs and integrity based on time-tested principles and self-reflection, and then living your life accordingly.

So, where do you start when it comes to improving your character?

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25 Positive Personality Traits That Affect Your Happiness

List Essential For Happiness

I ask you to read over this list of character traits and choose at least one of these positive traits to improve on:

Life Path Number 1


Integrity is a human quality characterised by strong moral beliefs and fundamental values, as well as the ability to live your life in accordance with them.

If you have integrity, you will maintain it regardless of whether or not others are looking.


Honesty is a positive quality that encompasses more than just telling the truth. It’s being true to yourself.

In all of your interactions, relationships, and thoughts, it means being honest and trustworthy. Being truthful involves both self-honesty and authenticity.


Loyalty is an ethical attribute characterised by constancy and devotion to one’s loved ones, friends, and anyone with whom one has a trusted relationship.

Loyalty is a positive trait that can be applied to your employer, your affiliations, your community, and your country.

4.Respect for others

You treat yourself and others with decency, kindness, deference, dignity, and civility when you have this character trait.

You show fundamental respect as a statement of your appreciation for the value of all individuals and your willingness to accept the shortcomings we all have.


Even when personal, relational, career, communal, and societal commitments are tough or uncomfortable, this outstanding quality accepts them.

This personality attribute keeps promises and proactively creates or accepts responsibility for one’s actions and decisions.


You have a self-assured but modest sense of self-importance.

You don’t consider oneself to be “too good” for other people or circumstances.

You have a learning and growing mentality, as well as a willingness to express and experience thankfulness for what you have, rather than anticipating you deserve more, if you have this admirable trait.


This character trait sample has a strong sense of sympathy and sadness for others’ pain and misfortune, and you want to do something to help them.


This character attribute attempts to make judgments and perform acts based on what you think to be the ultimate best course or outcome for all parties concerned, using discernment, compassion, and honesty.

9.The ability to forgive

Whether or not the offender seeks forgiveness, you make conscious, intentional decisions to let go of resentment and hate toward them for an infraction.

Pardoning, restoration, and reconciliation may or may not be included in forgiveness. It encompasses both others and oneself.


You may be your authentic self without conceit, posturing, or insincerity if you have this virtuous trait.

You are capable of displaying proper self-awareness and vulnerability.

11. Bravery

This desirable human quality necessitates the mental fortitude to stick to a commitment, plan, or decision despite fear of danger, discomfort, or pain, knowing it is the right or best course of action.


This positive quality is willing to give without expecting anything in return: time, energy, efforts, emotions, words, or assets.

This personality feature readily and frequently provides these.


Perseverance is a character attribute characterised by persistent persistence and determination to stick to a path of action, belief, or purpose, even when it is difficult or inconvenient, in order to achieve a higher objective or result.


This personality feature understands basic good manners, common courtesies, and etiquette and is eager to apply them to everyone they meet.

You want to improve your relationships and self-esteem by learning personal politeness skills.


Being courteous, helpful, and charitable to others is an example of kindness.

A cheerful attitude and a desire for warm and pleasant connections drive this virtuous characteristic.


This character feature allows you to be loving to individuals you care about by demonstrating your affection for them via your words, deeds, and expressions.

It entails a willingness to be vulnerable and transparent.


Optimism is a virtue that exemplifies a sense of optimism and faith in the future.

It entails adopting a positive mindset in which you see life events, people, and situations in a positive way.


This character trait can be relied upon to follow through on your commitments, actions, and decisions on a continuous basis. You follow through on your promises.


This personality trait is motivated by a desire to perform things well or to the best of one’s capacity.

Based on your own values or sense of what is right, you are thorough, careful, efficient, organised, and watchful in your endeavours.


You may resist your impulses or feelings by using good habits or willpower to take the right course of action or uphold your commitments or ideals if you have this good character attribute.

To achieve a particular goal, you have a strong sense of self-control.

It can be tough to cultivate and retain these positive character traits, but they provide a wealth of benefits that will improve the quality of your life.


When you have ambition, you have a strong drive to achieve your objectives.

Whether you want to gain more money, start a business, advance in your job, or discover the love of your life, your ambition provides the drive to achieve your goals.

This is a positive character feature as long as it does not dominate your values or cause you to compromise other positive attributes.


When you encourage others, you give them hope, strength, and positive reinforcement. You go out of your way to reassure and support someone.

This is a fantastic trait since it demonstrates your ability to emotionally intelligently understand and care for others. Others are naturally drawn to you because of your encouraging character.

23.Able to forgive

The ability to forgive yourself and others demonstrates that you have a well-balanced view of human nature and the imperfections that we all have.

You are able to let go of grudges and hatred, freeing yourself and anyone who has offended you.

It is a more advanced attribute that requires boldness and dedication.


When you have the trait of consideration, you demonstrate that you can think about others as well as yourself.

You show concern for people and try to understand how they might feel in different situations so that you can change your conduct.

Being considerate also entails treating others with courtesy and respect, even if they are at a different stage of life than you.


When you’re thorough, you’re willing to go above and beyond to guarantee that everything is done right and fully.

Others know they can rely on you to keep your promises with great care and attention to detail.

You can expect more success and respect in your personal and professional life if you are thorough and persistent in your efforts.

Characteristics for Children

Character is not something that is given to you at birth. Character development begins at a young age, and it is critical that parents and instructors place a high priority on instilling excellent character traits in their children.

Children may grow in character and understand how these vital attributes make them happier, more successful, and more resilient through activities, games, lessons, and real-world experiences.

Kindness, respect, and responsibility are all qualities that may be taught to children to help them build self-esteem as well as moral and ethical ideals.

Adult role models should keep the following in mind when teaching these attributes to children:

.Place a greater emphasis on rewarding positive attributes rather than pointing out negative ones.

.When youngsters demonstrate negative character qualities, teach them more positive ways to behave and react.

.Discuss with your children how these great characteristics will help them succeed in life.

.Set strong (but age-appropriate) expectations for children, and make sure those expectations are clear and actionable.

.Use books and other literature with good character reinforcement stories.

.Set a positive example for children to follow and aspire to.

Setting a good example requires adults to analyse their own abilities and seek to improve any areas where their characteristics are lacking.

Let’s look at how you might improve your character and become a role model for others.

How to Develop Positive Personality

If you want to learn how to develop these positive traits, here are some measures to take.

Step one is to figure out what your basic values are.

Determine your values for your career and personal lives to learn what is most important to you.

These are the guiding principles that guide your priorities, decisions, actions, and behaviours.

Take a look at this list of values to get started.

Step 2: Put the habits into practise.

Choose one or two good character traits from the list above to work on for a few weeks.

Write down the acts or behaviours you want to take that reflect this trait, and then put them into practise in your daily life and interactions.

To help you practise these desirable habits, wear a rubber band around your wrist or make other reminders.

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