How To Make Money on Pinterest in 2020 – Earn $1000/Month

Do You Use Pinterest? Do You Know how to make money on Pinterest? Do You Know You Can Earn Upto $100/Day Using Pinterest?

We Will give you Answer of all The Above Questions. But Before giving answers I wanna tell You that If you Really wants to Earn Money Through Pinterest You Have to be Patience. Their is no Such Work which pays you $100/Day in Starting Days but, If You Constantly works without Leaving it, Then one day You can Earn $100/Day.

That one Day will definitely come if You Start Today. If you wanna get success in Something Before getting Success, The First Step is to Start.

Many People says that Online Earning is Scams or Frauds. Yes There are some Frauds and Scams, But it Doesn’t Mean that all Online Earning Platforms are Frauds.

You Also know that Pinterest is a social Media Platform and Their is no Chance of Fraud and Scams through Pinterest

So I will tell you How To Make Money on Pinterest and Guide you about all possible ways to earn money on Pinterest.

How To Make Money on Pinterest ?

We all know that Pinterest is a Social Networking Site where we can share all type of content like Images, Videos, Blog Post, Etc.

If we Share All this Content related to a single niche or a single category and makes Follower over a Single Interest and after creating too much followers we can earn $1000 of Doller from Pinterest.

For Example: If Your Niche or Category is Health then you have to Create Boards and add Pins to that Board related to Health. Whenever a Peron who needs Health-related Information and they come to your board and he/she liked your pins they will follow you. If you continuously add pins to your boards the no. of followers will Increases.

How To Make Money on Pinterest
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The best thing about Pinterest I like is You can Add Others Pins to Your Board. If you like Someone Others Pin You can add it to your Board with A single Click on it.

Now after Creating Followers I will tell you the methods of earning Money From Pinterest.

Methods to Make Money on Pinterest

Their are several methods to Make Money After Creating Followers on Pinterest. I will tell you the most profitable methods for earning money from Pinterest.

1. Make Money on Pinterest Through Blog

Lot’s of People leaving their 9 to 5 Jobs when they heard that they can make more money by doing Blogging.

I quit my Job Because of my Salary. I am not satisfied with my salary. When I quit my job I have no Income Source. I heard about Blogging from my friend, So as I had no Work, I decided to Start a Blog and I have Started it.

But after some time of My Blog Setup the Main Problem I Faced is Lack of Traffic. Their is 0 Traffic on my Blog so that I can earn money through it.

After Lots of Searches I heard about Pinterest. When I search in Google How To Make Money on Pinterest, I get lots of ways of getting traffic from Pinterest. I made my Account on Pinterest and Starts Doing works on it. I created Pins Related to my Niches and After one month My Blog Getting Traffic From Pinterest and after some time it Ranks in Google also and now Their is Sufficient Amount of Traffic on my Blog

The Initial help to grow my Blog is Given by Pinterest

How To Make Money on Pinterest

Now If you have Blog than you can Make Money on Pinterest and if you do not have Blog and wants to Start a blog then Click on the link Below

How to Start A new Blog

2. Make Money on Pinterest Through Affiliate Marketing

Another way on How To Make Money on Pinterest is Affiliate Marketing. 

Basically If you sell Another Person Product you get a commission on that product it is called Affiliate Marketing.

If your Pinterest Followers is related to Health Products You can Promote health Products and Earn Commission. You can add Pins of Your Affiliate Product and give them a direct Link to Buy it. The more Sales you Made The more Commission You Earn.

Their are Lots of Affiliate Platform which gives a good commission on Product:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Digistore24
  • ClickBank

Amazon is Most Famous affiliate program and most of the affiliate users uses Amazon for Affiliate Marketing.

How To Make Money on Pinterest

Now If you Want to Learn How to Do Affiliate Marketing Click on The link Below

How to do Affiliate Marketing

Now the Main Problem Faced by some users is how to create followers on Pinterest

Best Effective ways to Create Followers on Pinterest

1. Follow Your Passion to Build your Audience

What is your Passion? Does People Interested in your Passion? If people are interested in your Passion Then make your Passion into Profession.

Let’s Say you are Healthy Food Junkie. Then Create a Pinterest Business Account and Then Create Boards Related to Healthy Food and add Pins Related to Healthy Food. As Healthy Food is your Passion You will not Loose Interest in Making and Uploading Pins to your Pinterest Account. After Some days People interested in Healthy food Become your Followers.

2. Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to get found on Pinterest.

Now you created your Pinterest account and willingly adding Pins and Creating Board, But if You wanna get Found on Pinterest use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies.

With the help of Search Engine Strategies Your pins will Found not only by Pinterest search Engine but you Pins will get traffic by other search engines also Like – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Complete Your Profile. Pinterest Allows you to write 200 character in Profile Description, So be Clear and descriptive about you Niche or Category and Use Keywords in Profile Description That Users Mostly Search about your Niche.

3. Create Contest on Pinterest to Get Followers

Contests are the most common tactics for Brand awareness, Contest are mostly used to engage audience with the brands.

4. Re-pin others’ pins

Pinterest Gives a Re-pin Feature. You can re-pin other’s Pin in your Board and collect more content in your board so more people can engage with your board and visit your profile and follows you.

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