How to grow magic mushrooms in 2021

We are going to talk about how to grow magic mushrooms. How can you apply it at your home or can it work as a business. Today in this blog we will show:

How to grow a mushroom?

How is it cultivated?

What is required?

Under which circumstances its productivity can be increased, how can it earn maximum profit at low cost. In fact, if you are interested in agriculture, cultivating mushrooms is a better decision. How to increase productivity by lower cost.

What is Mushroom?

If you are wondering what a mushroom is, let us tell you that mushroom is a crop sown in the middle period of 2 months which is completely complete with the required nutrition. Which is eaten as a salad or vegetable.

How to grow magic mushrooms in 2021

How to Grow Magic Mushroom?

 Today mushrooms are one of the easiest things to grow. It’s productivity is based on different criteria.

1) Seeds

Prepare different qualities of mushrooms in a set. Seeds of different qualities of mushroom should be used in which the productivity is high. Must use a seed called Meskican. It is prepared for special conditions, it should be used as it gives better productivity in temperature and humidity. It does not have much effect if the parameter is up or down as per your requirement.

2) Sunlight

 The mushroom must have sunlight or a white bulb light, but its direct light should not fall on the mushroom because the amount of light the mushroom requires is negligible. These innocent naturally flourish in the dark environment on the ground in large forests. If we are growing the mushroom in the sunlight, then we have to take care to keep the mushroom behind the curtain or darken it where the direct sunlight does not fall on the mushroom.

3) Humidity

Dependence is extremely important for mushrooms because the mushroom acts to activate mycelium. Mushrooms require a reasonable amount of moisture, as the humidity is used in a small greenhouse propagator, exactly the same type of humidity required for mushrooms. Never use clean water to cover. Use bottled or osmotic or dirty water only to hydrate. Which will improve the growth of mushrooms.

How to grow magic mushrooms in humidity 2021

Initially, the mushroom will have to be completely wet by wetting, then separate the remaining water with the help of a container, otherwise this water can cause a second cover. Maintain humidity from time to time. The mycelium seed we want to use will require up to 90% moisture in the first 2 days. Therefore, you do not need to moist with extra water, also keep in mind that the water is bottled, do not use clean water. After 2 days you have to take your parameters of humidity up to 70%.

4) Temperature

Temperature is an important component for mushroom. The ideal temperature for the time leader mushroom is considered to be between 21 and 24 ° C. Do not keep the temperature higher than this, do not allow the temperature to be lower than this parameter. When mycelia is active, the mushroom will grow at a certain time.

5) Cleanliness

The mushroom is a sensitive species, it should be kept in a different order, it requires a clean and sterile environment. Do not touch it with your hands. Use gloves while touching. If possible, use face mask too. Do not use any other spray in the room like Dharmapala Funk or any type of spray. You can get your mushrooms done best by giving them moisture temperature and clean environment.

How to grow magic mushrooms in 2021

How to grow magic mushrooms at home.

We can easily grow mushrooms at home. If you do not want to use mushrooms only for your own use, then the easiest way is to have a growing kit which is full of all the necessary things like spore syringe etc. You can grow mushrooms at home. It takes about 1 to 2 months to plant mushrooms, in which mushrooms can be grown at home with full care.

Method of storing mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be stored for a few weeks in a freeze. If you want to store mushroom, then you have to know it well. If you have to store the mushroom for a long time, the effective method will be to use it. For this, the freezer has to be installed in a cool dark, always dry place. The lo-fiy method for drying mushrooms involves placing the mushrooms on a paper seat and storing them. The problem is that the bottom of the mushroom is not dried. So that it maintains moisture. The mushroom in the air dries within about 48 hours.

How to grow magic mushrooms in 2021
How to grow magic mushrooms.

You can also include a hardware store instead, but it will prove to be an expensive storage. We should touch the mushroom sparingly, and set it in a wire rake. Mushrooms should be set at a certain distance, keeping a reasonable distance between the two mushrooms. It should be observed from time to time that there is no problem in this.

Effect of Mushroom on your Health

Mushroom is a type of vegetable that you consume as a food. The diet which provides very nutritional value to your body. From this type of fungus our body gets Nutrition’s elements like jinus penelinus. It also serves to digest grains and fruits.

How to grow magic mushrooms in 2021
Effect of Mushroom on your Health

Mushroom also fights a major disease like cancer. A study found that all normal mushrooms contribute to reducing breast cancer cells by 33%. Apart from breast cancer, it is also used to enhance the immune system of many types of cancer.

It also promotes our body’s immune system. Different types of vitamins in which vitamin D is present in high levels. Vitamin mushrooms are considered an excellent choice for vegetarians.

Mushrooms are also used as medicine. This type of fungus was used as the initial medicine. About 800 BCE, mushrooms were accepted as a medicine.

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