How to Grow The Real Instagram Followers in 30 Minutes a Day

Do you want the real Instagram followers. Yes its very easy to increase The real Instagram followers by working only 30 minutes a day.

Hey Friends, I am Pankaj Dangi and today I am going to give some information from which you can increase your Instagram Followers Organically. It is not too hard to increase Instagram Followers all you need is a good content.

If you have a good content than you don’t need to worry about. We are here to tell you some simple hacks that you have to follow everyday and then Booooooooom.

Your Instagram followers are Growing continuously. It’s not too hard to grow Instagram followers all you need is a good content and patience. Create a quality content Post it Follow some small hacks which are given below and Sit. You will see a organic growth in followers.

Methods to Increase The Real Instagram Followers

1. Post Regularly in your Instagram Feeds

Here is the key Point we make our Instagram profile well, We optimize our Instagram details according to SEO (Search engine Optimization), We make our profile look Professional but that is not key factor to grow our Instagram Followers. Yes they all matters but only 20%.

The main factor to Increase the followers is Posts. The More number of Posts you have the more chances you have for the growth of your followers.

Just Think why you follow any business account. Did you like their logo or their profile Description or anything from their profile?

No You Follow them because of their content. So why do anyone follow you if you don’t have any content on your Account. Now make a schedule to post content everyday on your Instagram. Now after making schedule, make a quality post that provide value to your users.

The Real Instagram Followers

If you provide value to your users in your post then they also share your post on their social media.

With the Image, Post Some videos on your feed because video Connects with the emotions of the people. People feel the videos and engage more with it and there are high chances of conversions.

Now when you are uploading your content, You must see a caption part. You can take advantage of that and write something about your post. After writing Something about your post find some hashtag Related to your post and Write them too. Hashtag help in initial Engagement and they Helps in reading our targeted audience.

So the real hack is to Increase The Real Instagram Followers is Making a Quality content Continuously that Provides value to the users.

2. Posting Regular Stories

Instagram Stories plays an Vital Role in Increasing The Real Instagram followers and engagement on Instagram. Have you ever watched anyone stories on Instagram. If yes, then you have noticed that we engage to stories more that Feed Posts.

The Real Instagram Followers

People Usually like how the work is done. So post Stories with Behind the scenes (BTS) of your work, Post Some motivational quotes or anyone’s other post related to your category, If you held some type of contest then announce the winner on the Instagram Stories so next time more and more people join your contest, Share your todays business plan like post timing, story timing, what new you are going to do Etc.

Post some Small Videos on your stories because as we have discuss earlier video touches emotional part of the body of viewers and their are high engagement through video stories. Sharing Quotes and Pictures all time doesn’t work. People want Updated things. So post some video’s on your stories to engage peoples.

When you Completely created your story then find some hashtag related to your story content and Paste them in your story. They will help your story to reach more and more peoples who are interested in your Content.

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3. Engage on Hashtag And Stories

Now there is a new tactic and it is becoming more popular now days. With this tactic people are getting success in Increase the real Instagram Followers. If you Spend 20 Minutes of your daily in engaging with the peoples who are posting and liking content in the hashtag that are related to your niche or category. Then your content will be Reached to your targeted Audience.

The Real Instagram Followers

Let’s Suppose we had an Digital Marketing niche and I have selected a hashtag #Digitalmarketing

Now what I do is I will Search This Hashtag on Instagram and see who is following to it and what story and News feed are posted with this hashtag. I will look stories posted with the hashtag and replies them and make a good conversion with them. From this I Increase relation with the peoples who are Interested in my Niche or Category.

The main Objective will be Finding Right Hashtag

If You want to now how to find right hashtag then Follow this Link –  Read how to be productive on Instagram in my recent post HERE.


We have lots of ways on Internet to Increase Instagram Followers but most of them are fake Followers and friends if you wanna Real Followers on Instagram you have to Post quality Content. If you get followers from a app then they will be Numbers only. You can grow real followers only Organically. We have given some ways to Increase The Real Instagram Followers. Follow these ways and be patience. After Some days you will see that your followers are constantly Increasing.

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