Earn Money From Flipkart Affiliate Account

What is Flipkart Affiliate Account

Flipkart.com is just one of India’s top online books and digital gadgets promoting site.  Flipkart was created in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, both alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

They functioned for Amazon.com before stopping and founding their firm.  They supply affiliate program so you can make from selling their product through your affiliate website. 

For that, you ought to have a web site or site on which you may share a listing of distinct merchandise with your affiliate link.

What are the Benefits of Flipkart Affiliate Account

It’s ok to buy product particularly novels from flipkart.com, but in case you’ve got a blog or site then you’re able to suggest the books to your buddy and your site readers.  You can invite the consumers to purchase such books which you’ve read, or it might be associated with some professors syllabus of technology or some other pupils.  

Flipkart.com is providing a referral commission for all those products that you sold from the site or related links. Different merchandise with your affiliate link. Flipkart developed its technologies rather than outsourcing it all, so it’s a better understanding of customer requirements.   With several goods available, there is no wonder how it attained its huge traffic. 

More people means a higher probability of active promotions.   Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is performance-based; It always encourages affiliates to drive traffic.

How to Create Flipkart Affiliate Account

To register for Flipkart.com affiliate accounts there’s quite straightforward procedure.  Everyone can register and make the most of this plan and there’s absolutely no verification needed from the side on your site or blog.  Flipkart do not care if you’ve got any site or not.  You may even suggest the novels and their merchandise over mails also but avoid spam .


  1. Got into the next site Flipkart Affilite and Choose to join Today.
  2. Fill out your Name, email ID and password (Frequent join process which you may do with no help).
  3. After everything, i.e. affirming your email and blah blah now, you can log in into your Flipkart affiliate accounts. And Today, you may look at different Flipkart merchandise and replicate their connection with your referral ID attached to.
  4. Place that stuff on your site or site to promote and encourage your consumers to purchase the merchandise.

You can now trace you making I the panel following login in. Payment Alternatives Offered in Flipkart.com affiliate accounts:

Payments are profits monthly or weekly payable upon payment brink reach

  1.  One is it is possible to ask for a check to the local address.
  2. The second way is you could purchase merchandise from Flipkat.com out of the earned amount.  

This earn amount could be redeemed in the kind of gift vouchers.

Why Think About Flipkart Affiliate Advertising Program at India?   

Flipkart Affiliate advertising is performance-based, which can be its most important benefit. Affiliates are paid a commission just when the followup action has happened.  Hence members are highly driven and motivated to be certain that conversions occur.  Therefore there isn’t any space for efforts which may not induce visitors.  There’s the continuous value being inserted to your own company. It’s a low-risk investment which can help expand your promotion efforts. 

Given below are some reasons Why You Need to consider Flipkart Affiliate Marketing-

Internal Technology

 The website has been among the first starters of affiliate marketing. They’ve developed their technologies. This implies Flipkart has a far greater understanding and control of all the writer’s requirements. Reporting feeds, and widgets are appropriately incorporated within the affiliate program, making using this affiliate advertising program quite simple. 

Broad Selection of Products

Flipkart has among those most excellent affiliate programs in India. The motive for this is that the massive traffic the website gets. There are lots of products available on Flipkart. This motivates a good deal of people to see the web site, thus gaining visitors for other affiliated websites and portals. There’s a vast array of products being marketed, the monitoring is accurate, and the cost is aggressive. At precisely the exact same time, the accounts handling group and other specialists are highly punctual in the payment of a commission. 

High Conversion Rate

All people working together with Flipkart are impressed with its high conversion prices. These prices are a few of the very best within the nation. The competitive costs across Flipkart’s superb service criteria show the website’s worth ratio. To improve this, Flipkart permits for exclusive product launches. There’s always more earnings and leads to grow inside Flipkart.

Affiliate panel

Flipkart includes a trustworthy and educational affiliate panel. Flipkart makes for a fantastic partner supplying real-time upgrades. The affiliate obligations are not a problem because they always made in time. Successful professionals handle the accounts of related businesses. 

Affiliate Tools

There’s a huge array of tools out there for affiliate advertising. These vary from simple banner ads and widgets to APIs. APIs exist to record Flipkart Bargains / program / merchandise of your website.


Flipkart supplies you with real time reports. These reports are crucial to keep an eye on the action of your own links. They also help in understanding about performance and conversions through all types. This aids in maximizing effort functionality.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Commission

Here we’re mentioning a Couple of product categories and their commission percentages:

  • Novels and e-learning (10 per cent)
  • silver and gold coins (0.1percent )
  • School toys and supplies (10 per cent)
  • Baby care products (10 per cent)
  • Fragrances and Beauty products (10 per cent)
  • Household supplies (10 per cent)

Other than this, Flipkart additionally pays to get its android program setup. There are just two paying charges depending upon your style of referral instalment.

Flipkart Commission

How Does Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Work?

The Flipkart affiliate application is simple to use. All you need to do is consult folks from the site to Flipkart. If people follow your links and reference, you make cash. This cash is better accomplished when parents make purchases on Flipkart. There’s a selection of alternatives you will receive via the affiliate application. These choices will provide you with many avenues by which you may connect your site to Flipkart and its website. It’s possible to add personalized, rich content to add value and liven up your site.

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