7 Easy steps to Start an E-commerce Business?

How To Start an E-Commerse Business

Although there are notable differences in starting an e-commerce company in contrast to beginning a brick-and-mortar business–there are also several similarities. As discussed below, many of the legal and planning steps you will want to take will follow the same process (more or less) than any other business enterprise. This being said, however, once it’s time to begin your performance, you’ll observe how distinct starting an e-commerce company can be.

Now 7 Easy steps to Start an E-commerce Business are

  1. Key Strengths Of Market Place
  2. Look For The Level And Quantity Of The Compititor
  3. Presentation & Catalogue catches The EyeBall Attention
  4. Merchant Support Service 
  5. Shipping Charges and Mechanism
  6. FEE, ROI & Margins
  7. System Access & Controls

1. Key Strengths Of Market Place

Whatever market place you want to be, if you make a product, you want to reach the customer. The market place from which you will be selling is the popular market place or not. 

Commonly Popular Market Places are 

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay

There are some highly recommended market places for every kind of product.

  • For Hospitality – Oyo Rooms, Yatra, Make My Trip, Goibibo, Trip Advisor.
  • For Handicraft – Craftvilla, Afday, Its Handmade, Saffronart, the India Craft House.
  • For Foods – Food panda, Swiggy, Zomato, Foodclouds, Innerchef.
  • For Transportation – Redbus, Esemy Trip, Oitdc, Make My Trip, Yatra.
  • For Property – 99acres, Magicbricks, Rent Mantra, Gumtree, Flatmates.
  • For Apparels – Jabong, Mintra, Limeroad, Shopclues, Koovs.
  • For Electronics – Amazon, Homeshop 18, Croma, Naaptol, India Mart.

Through which you will sell your goods, how much are their reach in the market, how far the market is spread.You have to see which platform is more suitable for selling goods.

E-commerce Business

Put so much difficulty everywhere, and the result is not that much.

2. Look For The Level And Quantity Of The Compititor

  • What is the strength of your competitor? 
  • \What is their quality? 
  • What are the levels? 
  • How much quantity is the competitors sitting in the same marketplace?
E-commerce Business

Just look at how the competition is behaving, what is the competition’s price? How is his product range, how are his policies, how is his shipment, how much discount is he giving? First, you measure the competition as you select the market place.

It is not that the competition will give you a clean side and give it to the person.You have to do such a thing that your positioning and strategic positioning are done so carefully that you cross the companies in the market as soon as you go.

Amazon is very popular because it has the largest Base, but naturally, competition is also very high. But where are more customer and less competition in your product, you need to take care of it.

3. Presentation & Catalogue catches The EyeBall Attention

There is a massive role of Presentation and catalogue because your customer cannot touch your goods, cannot touch your products, cannot hold it, and cannot ask questions about your product.

If your presentation is excellent, the customer will make attention to his eyes.

If your presentation is excellent, the customer will make attention to his eyes. If the customer focuses, then he/she will go into detail as soon as it goes into detail. Keep the catalog excellent.

  • How good is his color design photography
  • How good are photographs
  • How powerful are projected
E-commerce Business

And together with its pricing and detailing options are available in it. Give so much information in the catalog that the customer gets engaged. Get involved with it.

Once the customer is included, there is a 100% chance in it, and he will come out only with your goods.Inside it, eBay is excellent, it also creates customization Product Option.You can give different information to your customer in different ways.

The entire range of general description will be launched, In which brand, your name, your color, your material size, UPC Code, and ISBN are also there. So you have to see how you give so many details and the exact most needy details that the customer comes to you.

4. Merchant Support Service

Merchant Support Service means that the market place where you are selling goods is a small player somewhere, even a big player.

Now whoever you are going to, is he giving you merchant support service. It would help if you had support. You have to interact with them and how fast they interact with you.

Do they understand your discounting, your policies, your product? Do they display your product correctly, do they help you in presenting your product.

E-commerce Business

If my customer comes to the showcase of the marketplace and asks them something, does that marketplace interact with them? Does that marketplace respond quickly to my customer or not.

Is all of this marketplace responding well or not? In many places, if your product is perfect, then they support you, sometimes it ignores you, Now study your marketplace before joining.

5. FEE, ROI & Margins

Whatever product you sell, you see how much margin you are getting on your product. 

How much fee does the marketplace charge? What kind of fee does it charge? How much fee does it charge on the return?

The third point is the overall ROI is better. 

  • Visibility which is called branding. Gets visual viewership
  • Sales which is called cash.

It is very important to keep this in mind before you did your channel.

E-commerce Business

6. Shipping Charges and Mechanism

This means that each portal has its policy, and they each have their style. In the marketplace, you have to see whether you want to do the shipping yourself or see what is more convenient.

If you are selling goods in the nearby region, it would be better to ship them yourself. Or some people think that they do not want to bother with the unnecessary shipping problems, that is your wish in which way you want to do business.

E-commerce Business

7. System Access & Controls

Your marketplace gives you access control or not because many marketplaces will not provide you with access control accurately & Won’t let you showcase too much of your product.

Suppose you have 100 items, and he tells you that you can show 10, and the rest cannot show. But if you want to show the rest, then you face problems here, then find out which marketplaces are suitable for you.

E-commerce Business

With these 7 steps, you can successfully start an e-commerce business and get success in it.

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