5 Reasons Why most of the Entrepreneur are not Successful?

Reasons Behind the Failure Of Entrepreneur

  • Lack of Focus
  • Treating Yourself as a Monopoly
  • Replying on Yourself Alone
  • Lack of Funds
  • Lack of Marketing

1. Lack of Focus

If you do any work, then the most important thing for Entrepreneur is your Focus on that work. If you do not focus on any work, then you will never be able to give 100% of your work in that work. Due to this thing, the business of many people Fails, and they say their luck is not good.

If you want to be successful, then you have to focus on your work. Many entrepreneurs mistake that they do not focus on their work.

Look at what Bruce Lee says about Focus:

The Successful warrior is the average man with, laser-like focus.

by Bruce lee

Now you must be thinking about how to increase focus, what to do to increase focus. You do not need to go anywhere to increase focus. Let me tell you why your focus shifts frequently and how you can focus on one thing without getting bored.

If you want to become an entrepreneur and you are looking for an idea to start a business. So I suggest you start a business that you are interested in.

Because if you start a business in which you are not interested, but you started the business because the business earns more revenue then other business, then you are not able to continue that for a long time because of lack of focus and you leave it with a Loss.

If you start a business that you are interested in, then you stay there for a long time and works harder. No matter if the business starting revenue is not that much, but after some time when your business grows then you will earn more revenue which you do haven’t expected.

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2. Treating Yourself as a Monopoly

Many new entrepreneurs think that they are the only ones in the market. They think that the old entrepreneur is crazy, they have made many mistakes in their lives, so they got success late. But I will not make those mistakes, and I will get success quickly, that too, without much effort. People make these big mistakes because they take their front competitors in a joke and consider themselves very smart.

There are a lot of competitors in the market. It is okay to think of yourself as the best, but it is not right to think that you are only the Best. When Entrepreneur does business, considering the competitor is weak, it becomes tough to grow that business and at one time the business is entirely over.

If you have to do your business at a higher level and for a longer time, then you have to take care of this thing that If you have made a start, then you have to work very hard now because you have a lot of entrepreneurs in the market. It is not that you do not trust yourself, but take care that you never boast.

3. Replying on Yourself Alone

It’s essentially about empowering yourself and others.

Yes, it’s the fact that you’re the major force of this startup, which you’re starting, but believing you would take action alone is a terrible idea. Since’No,” that isn’t the fact, you’ll be needing a lot of people en route from whom you’d be needing assistance.

Entrepreneuring is all about empowering and trusting others together, devoting responsibilities, and receiving the very best of their abilities from those that you know. It’s all about public relations and utilizing your social abilities.

You require Teamwork and Collaboration when getting an entrepreneur. This teamwork and collaborations will enable you to dig many sorts of gifts that different individuals have about you.

4. Lack of Funds

Another issue with the many neglecting entrepreneurs isn’t putting in the necessary quantity of cash. It’s often seen that individuals pursue their vibrant ideas without recognizing they lack appropriate funding that is required for any specific enterprise.

It’s almost always a foolish choice to begin without adequate funds in hand. When beginning any enterprise, some components are essential to your enterprise. One of those, your funding is of extreme significance, and you just can not think about pursuing any thought with no.

A secure and well thought out startup undoubtedly wants a good number of funds so that everything ought to have a suitable beginning without forfeiting any point.

You see, now, at this age, everything demands cash. I am not saying you ought to throw your money at each stage; of course, there should be an equilibrium, a smart usage of your funding/capital. However, you want an optimal quantity of cash to begin with.

5. Lack of Marketing

Another error that marketers make is the absence of promotion. Lots of men and women feel they will do nicely with no appropriate advertising. However, they’re just mistaken!

Because advertising is something that you cannot just go like this, it’s what makes you who you’re

Ignoring marketing only means you have opened a business, and you don’t want folks to understand it. Now the way you do this could be helpful for you?

It wouldn’t be!

You need to advertise your brand new brand and inform the appropriate crowd about it. Even if you don’t need to opt for TV ads or other pricey media, you may use social media since it’s a comparatively affordable interface.

And there are a variety of promotion methods now; articles promotion, email marketing, SEO, and a lot more.


To be able to conclude, I’d say that if you’re up for entrepreneurship, you’ve got to get a listing of some various significant factors, and you need to be fairly particular about all these. The most significant are; suitable attention, a viable strategy, a brilliant notion, adequate funds, a good marketing, and advertising strategy, and a committed staff.

It would be very hard for you to go about it without any of them.

I hope that this article has helped you with a few excellent tips about things to do and what to not.


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