Live Unusual started out as a simple daily reminder to myself to live a more enjoyable life. It was a simple little mind-hack I figured out I could use in order to break the monotony of life by going out of my way to do small, random things that are not a part of any daily routine.

Basically I had a lot of things I wanted to do or try, but that little nagging voice of self-doubt would always tell me it wasn’t worth it to try something or that I would be bored if I went to a certain place. So one day I decided that I was done listening to that voice and decided to just do what I wanted and make decisions with my gut instead of my brain. What ended up happening was that I was actually enjoying doing the things I set out to do and started having more fun on my own. All it took was a simple shift to a specific mind-set that allowed me to overcome the irrational voice of self-doubt that I’m sure clouds a lot of people’s judgements of themselves.

Only recently I’ve come to realize that my ultimate passion in life is nature and science and my preferred medium of art is photography and videography. The reason I created this site was to use photography and videography as a way to document my journey of continuing to push past the voice of self-doubt that occasionally makes itself heard.

I’m always looking for ways to improve upon myself through many of the skills I possess and I felt that I had a unique opportunity to present the world with my simple mind-hack to hopefully inspire others to adopt that reminder and use it in their everyday lives.

Live Unusual. Because life begins outside of your comfort zone.

– Raul